Preparation for bromocriptine mesylate

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Thu May 31 12:49:00 EST 2001

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> Dear Sir/Madam,
> Hello! Do you ever prepare bromocriptine mesylate to dissolve in 
> normal saline? When I dissolve bromocriptine mesylate into normal saline,
> I found lots of suspended white materials on the fluid? How can I solve 
> the problem? Please tell me. Thank you. 
> Sincerely,
> PS: Please send e-mail to me if you know how to dissolve bromocriptine in 
> saline completely.
> My e-amil: d8832005 at
> Andrew Huang

Not having worked with this dopamine agonist, but having now looked in Merck Index, 
I ask whether you have heated the solution, and also whether you might be over saturating
the prep.
B. mesylate, in H20, has solubility of 0.8mg/ml at 25º C, and high enough mp that isomerization/decomposition is not to be expected much before actually boiling the solution.
Offhand, I'd *guess* you're not super-saturating, and at normative saline would not be salting-out a precipitate.
Noted is that the molecule is 30X more soluble in alcohols, if that's of any help to you.


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