How the brain store information?

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Niveman <gohey at> wrote:

> Can you explain a little bit on the biochemical principle of memory here?

The idea, that the principles are purely biochemical is already a
restriction, which can't be made.Basically, memory is a question of
longterm alteration of _any mechanism_ which is part of the
information-processing system of a network of neurons.

These longterm changes could be mediated by gen-regulation, structural
changes, changes in synaptic-weight (that alone is a huge topic and
overlaps with the other points).

The URL Urs mentioned would probably be a better starting point, than
"Principles of Neural Science" (as good a book as it is). If you have a
background in biology or biochemistry I remember reading a short review
on certain aspects:

"Cellular Mechanisms of Cerebellar LTD", Daniel, Levens, Crepel;
Trends in Neural Science; Vol.21; No.9; Pp.401-407;

As I already mentioned (and the title implies it as well) only cellular
mechanisms and only longterm depression in the cerebellum are
considered, but it gives you a general idea of how many aspects can be
involved. Of course there are more complete books and reviews, but the
topic is just to diverse to start going into detail without knowing your
background and maybe the URL at sfn would really be the best starting
point. :-)

all the best, Chris
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