"New" colours possible?

Liar42 liar42 at aol.com
Sat Nov 3 00:42:03 EST 2001

> I guess it is safe to say that the perception
of a color corresponds to a particular activation pattern in the visual

Is it that safe?

Searching for words, cones and rods? ... Hm, anyway, I had thought the colour
transitions were more to do with one sort of two, and different kinds to do
with different colours. 3 Different kinds? Not sure at the moment. It's a while
I read about that.

Is the visual cortex back occipital?

If so so far did not notice it is to do with colour generating.

>On the other hand, it is theoretically possible to connect the brain to some
external modules and create new senses.<

If the internal senses are still the same, how would that work?

BTW, read once about blind sticking something to the tongue that is connected
with a camera and that enabling them certain spatial orientation about stuff in
the room.

>  My guess is that if we innervate higher association cortical areas(auditory
/ visual / etc) with external
modules <


I take it you are not a health fan.

>then we can invoke existing sensations,<

Just for invoking existing sensations I'd not need to mess with the hardware
for serious.

What's magic good for. 
And then I'd not take from whereever the mentioned regions are, rather some
easy area that can take quite a bit magically, and where I am not that worried.

> whereas if we _add_ more neural circuitry (eg by implanting neurons) <

What, different genetic, and just stuck into some area where they do not
belong? Your health concepts keep amazing me.

>to the association areas then we
can create new senses.<


You might more mess up the senses there.

That I'd not regard so much as creating new senses, but more as idiotic acts.

>There's a critical time window of development during which neural circuits are
established, and after that period the connections are not so plastic.<

But connections can still be altered.

So what.

Also there are drugs like LSD, where with some settings it can feel like higher
alterations rates. (Not that I ever got all that in minute details.
But I found some sector selection possible there in magic energy translinks
with some energies of the equivalent sector in another brain,
and have been also systematically using that quite a while ago in the past, but
it had disadvantages, and then I stopped doing some stuff there, because I
found the disadvantages rather high.)

>Too bad we dont have memories of that period.<

I am not sure why you find that that relevant.

>The challenge for us is how to reprogram neurons
to form new connections again.<

Whichever "us" you mean there by USing around,
they are certainly not I.

I assume neurons have their own bioprograms in my head,
and that new connections are made when it is appropriate biologically,

and I have no reason to believe that to mess around and disturb there is a good

Also for the stuff right now I do not need much new connections.

When I set off to a new task they might be formed eventually themselves.

>Im not so much interested in creating new senses per se, but my goal is to
develop the isolated brain support system,<


Made little sense to me.

The spine is part of the brain and belongs connected with the body.

You'd have to cripple someone real bad and warp majorly important internal
functions and also segregate mind sectors in the body from brain stuff, though
for the mind in the head that belongs in there and is to do with the
personality one is to an extent,

just to get some unnatural stage that does not belong so in nature and would
need some remains of a being to be achieved.


> and then connect it to some external interface.<

If it wishes to connect it might do that itself.

Sounds more like playing master and brain slave games with another brain,
unless the other was gross enough in attitudes to assent to that.

> This probably will involve making new innervations by
implanted neurons.<

So what, something with the wrong gene code is supposed to connect with stuff
in there, then why not straight let structures that belong there do the

Apart from that if having messed like before with the brain a lot there is no
longer functioning like it should, anyway.

>  Well, this may sound like science fiction but im determined
and i think we can do it.<

It sounds more like some sense censored pervert's ideas.

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