recovery time for ecstacy induced serotonin recepter damage???

heckubiss sioa at
Sat Nov 3 15:11:48 EST 2001

Hi i took about 12 hits of E between 1999 and 2000. and in about march
2001 i started to get a mild case of depression, which started to
escalate to the point where by May 2001 i would have about 10 episodes
of depression a day..  the episodes would only last about about 5
seconds then go away.  but throughout this time i would also have a
mild subtle depressed feeling. i would also have a lot of anxiety around 
people, and public places..

becuase of this i decided to see a shrink. and he recommended i take
st johns wort. so ive been taking the stuff since june and feel
perfectly normal.

i am quite sure that the depression was caused by some neuron damage
to serotin receptors in my brain caused by ecstacy...  I just need to
know if any body knows how long this would last for

I dont want to have to be dependant on this stuff my whole life..

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