How the brain store information?

Liar42 liar42 at
Sat Nov 3 16:28:21 EST 2001

It may be noticed with 


of Westie science, including neuros, 

that sense censoring is on the agenda usually there,
meaning magic data will be neglected.

If you are just after biochemical stuff of THE generalized memory, not one
memory system discerned from the next, maybe it is quite O.K. to learn more, I
did not read it so far,

but generally neuro had a tendency to leave out the magic systems, so I find
them rather irrelevant there still, because I regard myself as magic systems,
and as long as there is nothing about how the stuff is transformed so that I
can get it from I-base or from front memory,
it does not really tell me about how my limbic magic stuff gets it from other

That is like starting at some hardware data, maybe at times not even differing
systems being discerned, and not telling me how the stuff is supposed to make
that my limbic magic systems get these memories.

Nor maybe even systems being discerned, entire brain generalized as if all my
memories were in the spine or cerebellum or all sectors parallel with zero
discernings in relevance for own I or if a system as such is a relevant memory
storing system.

Where alone with own I I do not regard it so far as to be a long term memory
system(s cluster).

I assume for my magic systems to get various data that there is some
transconnection with magic systems of two main long term memory systems I use,
however since I do not recall direct centering into their sectors ever, and so
I am not sure how these transconnections do work.

It might be assumed that magic systems settings at the time of the memories
being made are regenerated far enough that my sysetms somehow can get the data
from 2 main long term memory systems used, [or the sequencer from memory
whatever it uses],
but how that works in detail, like how the magic systems could be regenerated
to these settings is a riddle to me.

And I find neuro and Westie science data in their sense censorings to leave out
too far the magic systems, just some sort of neuron fix that might even at
times seem to overlook how many more glia there are and to never consider much
hardware more together regarded,
so neuro for me is more like a branch with a bunch of criminals brain maiming
persons who are held prisoners against their will
and treat them like possessions or worse than average possessions "because"
they are of a related mammal kind, delighting in how alike we are inside, and
then doing their crimes to some brain area and having a fix on hardware or on
something small there, 
and seeming like never really having come far in their own heads on bigger
levels in regarding what systems are to do with.

That is also why their brain descriptions usually are not going centered from
limbic own I (like I am used from my branch, LSD, from the brain smurfs) but
from whatever, maybe even a system as far away and as remote as the frontal

But if you are a fan of biochemical principles of memory, no systems
discernings there, maybe it is a good book, they might have lots of data from
lots of pervert crimes against persons of related kinds.

Und tschüß.

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