recovery time for ecstacy induced serotonin recepter damage???

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>Hi i took about 12 hits of E between 1999 and 2000. and in about march
>2001 i started to get a mild case of depression, which started to
>escalate to the point where by May 2001 i would have about 10 episodes
>of depression a day..  the episodes would only last about about 5
>seconds then go away.  but throughout this time i would also have a
>mild subtle depressed feeling. i would also have a lot of anxiety around 
>people, and public places..
>becuase of this i decided to see a shrink. and he recommended i take
>st johns wort. so ive been taking the stuff since june and feel
>perfectly normal.
>i am quite sure that the depression was caused by some neuron damage
>to serotin receptors in my brain caused by ecstacy...  I just need to
>know if any body knows how long this would last for
>I dont want to have to be dependant on this stuff my whole life..

The cynic in me thinks that E was developed by shrinks looking for more
business, because while most of the rec drugs, including alcohol and
caffeine, can have an influence on the onset of psych disorders, E seems
to be particularly "effective" at doing so.

Unfortunately, the one long term study, in monkeys (Hatzidimitriou G, et
al [1999]), showed that damage was still evident after 7 years, which
may mean full recovery isn't possible. AFAIK, they are continuing with
the project, so they may prove that last statement wrong, but it seems
you will be in for a long haul on this.  See:

I wrote an article for one of the anxiety newsgroups on the effects of
Ecstasy that you might find interesting. It archived at Goggle. If the
URL below doesn't work because of wordwrapping just go to Goggle groups
- and do a search using  the key word ecstasy and my email addy as

Hope this helps.


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