recovery time for ecstacy induced serotonin recepter damage???

Liar42 liar42 at
Wed Nov 7 00:34:42 EST 2001

>If you have ever used ecstasy - then you're probably to braindead to be of any
use in what-ever society you live in.<

Sounds like nonsense to me.

There are lots of people using ectasy and if they were all brain dead they'd be
in coma in the hospital or dead.

I have been taking ecstasy three times, though not always a full pill,
and partially took in in combination.

One was a combi of ecstasy, a trip and THC.

I felt the aftermath for about 3 weeks, while with LSD I am not used to feeling
such like that for that long.

Anyway, there are drugs like alcohol where at times I felt like a series of
brain cells dying, and also with cocaine I wondered if it is a brain cell
killer, at least pains in the head and body from it seemed to indicate quite
some health damage there.

An ecstasy on and off so far I do not regard to make stupid long, more while on
it, but that is already starting to wear off a bunch of hours later.

However so far I have been just taking it like once ever 1 to 2 years, not like
every weekend, or like someone who had 4 in seeming to be about to stick
another one in.

But I am more worried there about some story I heard about motorics, and him
with the many Es had twitches,
but not about my intellect.

As MBD and after malaria cerebralis and some concussion and so on, I guess I am
brain damaged, anyway, and not the brightest on Earth, but if I watch what some
others do with maybe way more capacities in a lot and what levels of illusions
and stupidities they reach,
to have a less damaged brain is not necessarily the ticket to be ever so
and actually various people told me that they find me intelligent,
and seemed to find me way more intelligent than I find me.

But then again I guess they just never were around when I did something that I
found mind-bogglingly stupid.


Anyway, concerning stupidity, some concussion I had I found way more impressive
as a subtractor from intelligence than any E.

>It is kind of hitting on an HIV-infected hooker,<

I do not regard ecstasy as as dangerous as HIV.

I find more you exaggerate.

> pure stupidity; you get no sympathy from me.<

And it could be regarded as purely being dull to restrict life to what is
regarded as more safe and forego many interesting experiences.

However with various drugs there is sort of a timing to them, where effects of
one are still lasting when something is taken again, 
so that there can be an accumulation there or differing effects if it is
another substance that is taken then, and effects something else before are
still there to an extent.

There might be an effect timing rate for me, though in the end very faintly, of
6 weeks for me with LSD.

I do not know what the timing is on ecstasy, I did not pay attention to that,
however if taking some drugs too often within a certain timing there can be
effects that are not very nice, and that is part of the price that one might
pay for such.

As the stupidity I regard more not to have considered that,
and also part for me are his attitudes, that he is blaming there on the drug,
and to then flee into the next drug and along with such use the terms
"perfectly normal".

I would not like to be his body organs and brain systems, but then again if
taking the chemical junk yard that mine might be,
I guess someone else could tell me the same.

>dangers of ecstasy, like it will _damage_ your brain.<

For me the warnings did not stop me from trying it, I tried lots of drugs, and
I might take it again, too;
it just made me so far to consider it as something to be taken about every one
or two years once.

And I did not always take a full pill there.

However concerning the effects the name ecstasy 
I find quite a good name.

(I would also some day maybe not mind to try to go akasha surfing while on E
with someone else who is,
and check out some of its capacities as a sense enhancer.)

>Well, you reap what you sow.

Well expressed.

>Usually I'm not this nasty towards people, but you're the kind of looser
>that drags our economy and general lifestyle down, so begone.

And you are the kind of loser who has such a poor life emotionally that you do
not even get the flash one can get there,
have some finance fix and "our" around as if anyone individual has to share
into your herd sheep crazes, have such a poor lifestyle that you make yourself
that dependent on another there in your expressions and do not even notice in
your generalizings that the lifestyle of a lot do not depend on such and how
many have a lifestyle where E is a part, and how important a part of culture in
a city like Berlin for example the techno scene can be, and what is the
festival there that got up to a million visitors attending in that about 4
million city, with many streaming in, partially even seeming to come from other
countries (might be difficult to find any festival in the capital of Germany
with more people attending) and how many tolerance teachings come from there
towards homosexuals, foreigners, laissez-faire, differing styles, etc., which
with the racism in Brandenburg and some other Eastern places might be regarded
as quite important, 
and you are all the more the kind of loser
who wallows in that rank fighting primitivism of "looser" bla,
in which you did not even get far enough in your education to know how to spell
correctly your insults to someone seeking aid / advice.

Actually if I recall people I met who were into ecstasy I do not recall them to
be as underdeveloped as you internally, 
even one who had some problems from it,
and at least there are those there who do not find it an appropriate time when
someone has problems and asks advice about something there to go off to
primitivistic levels of rankfighting honking.

(To the opposite, various I found quite interesting persons, who had a lot of
life experiences, and not some primitive homo chimps honking off their
rank position attack shite in the direction of someone asking for aid in

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