Neuroscience and Wittgenstein

Liar42 liar42 at
Wed Nov 7 02:21:24 EST 2001

> I tend to have a very short concentration span.<


(Or smoking THC? ;-)

>But has it occured to you that I occasionally like being annoyed? If I had not
had that quality, you'd be on my blocked senders list, 
as I'm sure you are on many others'.<

Maybe, some people might be too wimpy to read criticism.

>Great, but I don't understand many more things than just you, so I didn't mind
to start with.<

You could list them as precise questions, if they were relevant enough for

>> I doubt you particularily enjoyed this one.
>Why would you think I didn't like this post?<

The exact words were "particularily enjoy...".

I wasn't exactly the allegory of diplomacy.

Also "I doubt" is not "you will not".

> and I doubt you are capable of truly offending me (this is not meant as a

I doubt more I could not if I really were out for that.  ;-)

>I'm a biological psychologist in a few months.<

What are the biological aspects for example(s)?

> My goal is to enjoy my studies <

Psychology I regard as too stupid and too much belief, more like some erratic
religion for me, 
but with biology I can follow better how one can enjoy that.

Though for me the term there with various aspects might more be "interesting".

>and make sure that my work/studies do not interfere with things that
matter to me more.<

Might ot always be easy to reach that.

>> "So you don't know anything about Wittgenstein (...).
 Thats great, why didn't you just write that instead?"
 "You are just too stupid to understand the meaning of the words "me not"."
 Would you say that you were not offensive there at all?

>I have no idea why you write "you" here, as I never wrote that in the first

Sorry, that was meaning Niels, 
I had not tracked it far, and also am now too lazy to click out of this room
and back to List All instead of staying here in List Unread. 

I might actually have not paid enough attention who wrote which one,
and guess I should have paid more attention, also with that it was you who made
the poetic comment,
and am sorry if I messed something up there too much.

> I only said you were offensive because I'm used to more poetic replies from

Hm, I usually (with exceptions) do not regard me as much poetic.

More as at times making quite acidic fun of some people.

>1) you and your replies are not easy to deal with,<

How easy I am to deal with might depend also very much on who it is.

But yeah, there are probably lots of persons who are easier to deal with.

With some stuff I very much tend to say what I think,
and with those who expect nice lies and sliming politeness instead, that might
be a problem for them.

Particularily those that are so weak that they wish to censor out criticism
that they do not wish to deal with:

> especially for newcomers who do not yet have the ability to ignore or block
your posts <

That is YOUR way of thinking, there are those who do not block the posts of
others usually, though one might ignore the authors that one finds more boring.

In my own blocking system for example there is exactly one name.

(Some nationalistic warhead idiot who came with a pack of illusions [not sure
by now if that was the one who called my relatives "towelheads"] and
aggressions, and who after I replied complained I e-mailed him, though he had
started to e-mail me first, and then I had enough of that guy.)

Maybe it is more your mentality that believes that all newcomers must strive to
censor themselves,
and on top of that from me.

Actually one in one room in the past mentioned that he had even changed to
another room back then to read my comments there,
another mentioned that he made and kept copies of various that I wrote,
I had a teacher calling me over someone with what there was called ADS, who
wished advice from me, another wanted to know from me if he is what psychology
calls borderliner, and the answer from me was "no" and I dx-ed him MBD, told
him the back of his head looks rather squished in, and brought him a page
eventually from MBD data where he told me even childhood stuff mentioned there
in segments that I had not even paid much attention to were so with him, I had
not known that; I just knew the page had like pattern matches to him. Another
found the results of a magic trip scan to find a source for a problem she had
rather interesting in the results. (Me, too.)

You might overlook that not anyone is out for ignoring all I say, there are
those who specifically address me for special brain aspects data.

(And even if someone like you might prefer to ignore it there are reasons why
they asked me, and there is also a reason why partially I got at special data,
and not just one reason. Some comes straight with the package deal. ;-)

> Mo"gen anderen kommen und es besser machen (as Wittgenstein said)< 

Morgen kommen andere und machen es besser?

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