Royal Mail's Nobel guru in telepathy row

Liar42 liar42 at
Wed Nov 7 03:00:15 EST 2001

>slightest shred of proof that psychic powers, telepathy or clairvoyancy 
>exist in any way, shape or form.

That's the advantage of magic, not much proof interests, and with the telepaths
very simply there tend to be differences to various others if tuning for own I.

Not that I regard myelf as a telepath, to the opposite, 
just meaning who cares what some idiots think about thousands of years of stuff
where magic has researched there / made use of it thousands of years of not

That's like some sense censored branches holding their hands in front of their
eyes and saying that anything they do not see is not there.

What some sense censored idiots who lag back thousands of years behind magic
believe there might be regarded as rather irrelevant.

And concerning clairvoyancy what it was about and the event as such might be
found more interesting when someone tells about it than whatever all of science
believe about it.

Apart from that what all parapsychologyor others try to take from magic and
rename to their silly terms, be it psychic or whatever, one might find not that
All in all in various I regard parapsychology to understand far less than magic
about magical aspects, and magic is the older of them by very far,
and no renaming of parapsychology or others of magic stuff is going to alter

Not that I don't do some renamings as well.

Simplified the magic communications systems use

if put like psychic powers, telepathy OR clairvoyancy,
sounds rather odd,
because magic systems tend to be used for several of them, so why list
telepathy away, if having to psyche around there in the first place, which I
already find distasteful, but different people and branches, different tastes.

Anyway, my branch is LSD, and though I use from various branches terms, psychic
crap and many of those of parapsychology have not made it into my vocabulary,
more that I have an aversion against various of their terms.

Psyche has a standard meaning.

Maybe more some psychos need to take the term and warp it into psychic to then
bla stuff that sounds like they did not study magic very far and are still more
rather busy to take stuff of magic that they did not understand well and rename
it in silly ways.

But I guess there are rather differing opinions on such.

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