Royal Mail's Nobel guru in telepathy row

Liar42 liar42 at
Wed Nov 7 04:56:48 EST 2001

>That is more than enough to scare away anyone other than
crackpots from studying the field, thus creating a
self-fulfilling prophecy. <

And maybe you are just some arrogant idiot with some fix on Westie science, who
does not overlook just how traditionally it might be those who are rather
differing that are, by tradition, the teachers of magic.

Red Indian qualifications for become the tribe healer, and with that also magic
student and later teacher, can be if a child between 8-12 has hallucinations,
visions, etc.,
and also transvestites / transsexuals seemed to be liked in the profession of
the healer.

Sense enhancing drugs in magic have an old tradition.

And what you in your prejudices and your attemtps to warp magic into some
science field overlook,
is that there are reasons why differing are drawn to magic, and are
historically to be found in magic a lot, and why there might be way more rather
differing to be found there than in some other areas.

But maybe your magic understandings did not even reach far yet what one can all
gain in magic translinks with other brains,
and you can not even intellectually follow what very differing might get
themselves there and from that.

One might put it more the other way around, that magic might be regarded
traditionally to have a lot of the very differing in it,

and that you are just some idiot with a Westie science fix, 
who believes that magic needs the legitimacy of some sense censored magic idiot
branch like Westie science, as if one of the oldest research branches of Earth,
thousands of years ahead of Westie science not just in age in a lot needed
Westie science that came way later to make them legitimate,
and next goggle at Westie science, that is not even liked enough by magic to be
wished to enter magic in various areas,
in order to make science legitimate.

The idea seems to be that some newcomer branch who is magically among the
biggest idiots on Earth
is supposed to be need to make one of the oldest research branches of Earth
and that those who are traditionally in magic are just some crackpots,
and that science is so brainwashed, that they must be all turned off if others
there in that fools branch are too sense censored and cling too much to their
belief there, the belief / religion science's attitudes there.

If some idiots of some idiot pack are scared off from magic, 
then maybe they were not born magicians, and also later the women did not have
the inner call to magic in the female high time for magic,
and maybe they just did feel drawn to magic far enough,

while the differing might find their way there, 
and systematically find their way there,
because alone with those who are so differing that they are systematically
excluded by Western science, 
they get the door banged there into the face, 
get treated like humans of lesser value, 
get systematically excluded from science, because in places like Berlin,
England and elsewhere whatever A-Levels are called are wanted for university,
and it does not matter if someone is born in a way that (s)he cannot get them,
because there is something different from birth on,
but when they reach magic, in magic the doors might be wide open.

There might be interest to go tuning with a rather differing brain, perceive
about what that is like, there might be data that is so direct, where the
learning is so direct from the other brain, magic systems transphasing, and not
that verbal blablabla, that never reaches the speeds of magic exchanges
concerning many magical aspects,

and maybe you just overlook that there is a reason very differing go there,

and that with Red Indians there are straight partially traditions who is
regarded elected to become the healer there.

And that is not the one best in science.

Also the very differing might have quite differing capacities in magic.

Maybe some Westie science systems sheep like you overlooks the advantages of

Magic is not a branch for showing the systems normed A-levels.

A magician can be into magic as long as he recalls.
His recollection might span lifes and in this life begin between half a year
and a year of age.

The axons settings for good magic systems capacities might never decrease in
numbers there due to not using them in the very young age where the connections
decrease happens.

Magically regarded you more sound like a fool.

Might be your ideal if sense censored Westie science were to enter magic and
replace those in magic,
as if it was not bad enough that where those of magic were murdered and
persecuted Westie science not monopolizes there in various areas basically in
their places,
but next the entire branches of magic are to be abolished and to be replaces by
Westie scientists or what.

You know, you can wait there a looong time with your ideas.

You might not notice it, but one of the advantages of magic partially being
very much against Westie science entering magic is 
that they usually don't there.

Maybe they can take a look at their parapsychology, but that might not even
reach far enough to enable them to link brain energies with each other and
reach decent transtuning capacities, and simplified they might stay out of
magic in a lot of relevant levels,
unless someone of magic lets them in.

And if someone like you were to come to magic:"Ey, you crackpots, teach me
magic, so we can kick you out and replace you by Westie science, as it is not
sufficient that they sit on magic's traditional places, where those of the old
religion and magic were driven out via murder and threat of murder for so many
hundreds of years."   ... One might somehow assume that you will not get very

> It is only recently that such studies are beginning to gain legitimacy,
thanks to people like Professor Josephson.<

Gee, I am sure he is such a high magic level, that all in magic are real
impressed that he tries to make it out as if thousands of years old arts need
his legitimacy ideas.

Lol ...

Being of the branch LSD I am neither of Westie science nor or magic, but
partially sort of between them,
but if I now had the choice go LSD akasha surfing with a magician
or listen to some bla of Westie science about psychic whatever shite,

I'd be off to magic, and science's opinions on magic I find often, if anything,
a mix between rediculous and idiotic.

Really like fools holding their hands in front of their eyes out of principle
and next going that they need proof to know that seeing exists.

About the same idiocy level as that.

Data about "seeing" can be found decades in probably the next book store under
"Carlos Castaneda: Tales of Power, A Separate Reality, ...",
with chakra data I rather don't guess how long in India they have written works
on that,
and Crowly between all his esoteric belief shite somewhere has a description
about how to go spirit travelling; can be also bought in a book shop, though I
forgot which book name ... It takes more someone mind-bogglingly idiotic like
sense censored Westie science to ignore data that for decades or longer can be
bought in the next book shop,
or to make a show of lagging thousands of years behind magic,
and next trying to make it out like they are needed for any legitimacy there.

Dude, when you wake out of your sense censored science glorifications and
there is a very old and very simple "legitimacy" way in magic.

One shunts to "seeing", whatever that is called in the local language,
(maybe preferably when both sit still and in semi-darkness)
and looks at the other.

If there is layer after layer of energies in the body halo of the other, and an
amazing size of that as such, and the fluxings there have these so controlled
ways that indicate that chakras were trained out, and maybe not just those,
do you think one needs any Westie science idiot to know that that one is into
magic, and not just a bit?

One can "see" if it is a magic one, or an advanced praciticer of magic, or
someone not very far in magic.

But let me guess, the 20 minutes to 2 h it might take to learn about "seeing"
starts if out for learning it fast were too much to be considered much, and
therefore the idea is not even there that all of us who are far enough in magic
can tune for akasha of the other and do not need some Westie science legitimacy
brabble for that, we can "see" if another is magically quite remarkable.

Actually partially I sensed that someone was into magic and did not even bother
with such first.

One might more wonder with what legitimacy one might call you a magic idiot who
that the by you so-called crackpots who are studying the field tend to be able
to tune around a bit and notice about various magic capacities of the other,
and that a main way to communicate about magic is magically, and that therefore
of course all who are far enough into magic can link energies and tune around
with each other, 
and they might not care what someone like you or the to magic comparitively
young branch of sense censored Westie science finds legitimate.

Next when me from LSD and someone from magic wish to go into magic tunings on
the sense enhancer LSD we are getting a stamped legitimacy licence, or what,
for what interests us there.

Some day maybe wake up to reality that the ex-persecuted and still persecuted
branches might care little what legitimacy ideals systems sheep of the ruling,
whether Westie science or others, have there,
and in our branches we might do as we find interesting,
quite irregardless of what a lot of others think there.

If Westie science systems sheep are "scared away" from the "field",
that might keep the magic fields without them messing there more than already
with all the articial ranges that are forced into persons akasha from
broadcasting devices, and might maintain remains of inner freedom longer.

All in all quiet some advantages to that.

So let them cry "legitimacy". Stands for too daft to make a simple magic scan
concerning gaining knowledge about some magical aspects of the other.

But just for curiosity, in case Josephson at all regards himself to have
reached any magic levels beyond the first, what magic level does he estimate
himself to be, and what magic level does someone who is past the 4rth magic
level does regard him to be?

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