Royal Mail's Nobel guru in telepathy row

Liar42 liar42 at
Wed Nov 7 06:31:16 EST 2001

> There is no evidence to support anomalous perturbation (psychokinesis), i.e.
physical interaction with the environment by psychic means.<

Lacks of understanding in physics aside, magically if someone links with stuff
elsewhere there can be quite some alterations.

Apart from that to call links that alter more obviously something elsewhere
"anomalous perturbation" sounds rather odd if one regards it as a base of magic
to link energies with other energies / akasha and to alter something there.

>Few human capabilities are perfectly replicable on demand. <

Less perfectly a lot are.

If I walk 15 meters, I could walk these 15 meters again.

If I juggle three balls, I could juggle three balls again.

But when it comes to running 15 meters while holding a rubber ball on a spoon
or doing the juggling form "shower" and there change directions,

it might get way more difficult to replicate occasional better results there

... Did not feel like reading it all, got bored with it.

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