Royal Mail's Nobel guru in telepathy row

Liar42 liar42 at
Wed Nov 7 07:08:12 EST 2001

> I mean, imagine the 


> that would be  bestowed on the person who finally proved beyond doubt that
telepathy existed!<

What idiot would take something that existed for thousands of years and then
say out loud that he proved that it is there?

Someone who wants to make a fool of himself for being so many thousands, if not
tens of thousands years backwards that he comes with something that old and
hops around that he discovered it is there?

Lol ...

Maybe some people dream about making a public idiot of themselves concerning
old magic arts,
but there are those who can forego that publicity.

Apart from that, if telepathy really interest you, why don't you practice to
get better there with a friend or learn more about magic until you find it
easier to know who is a telepath there, and then learn more from them.

Do you expect someone tries to transform in all the sense censored heads till
they finally get more about some thousands of years old arts, too, or what.

Sarcastic grin ...

> And let's not forget a certain 1 million dollar prize that's on 
offer either,<

If that Randi idiot was ever so interested in magic he'd learn how to steer the
pixels on a T.V. beyond any doubt that he did it,
or learn about some other magic stuff far enough,
and cash in the money himself.

Or just haul someone in from India who can pass some test requirement there,
and make a contract first to share the money.

Apart from that the higher some are in magic the less they might wish to make
the stage clown for some idiot like that guy.

> plus a lifetime of lucrative book deals<

And you decide what is lucrative or what in writing and reading books?

Maybe you just stare at financials.

> and chat show appearances.<

So in other words about the last thing people far in magic might wish.


And there you have about the best reason that various might find there not to.

What do you think, that people far in magic need it for their ego to make some
stage shows and be the public stage clown?

Maybe you find that entertaining,
and maybe next a bunch of people getting on your nerves and your phone calls
maybe also no longer private,
and maybe reporters trying to film you and your private life against your will,

but when you wake up from deducting from your to others, maybe notice that
where I come from the more capacities someone has in magic the higher might be
the chance that someone sense censored could meet him and notice nothing.

And personally if I meet someone far in magic, my interest tended so far not to
be to haul him on some stage to make the stage clown, but that I take a
powerful sense enhancer, get him maybe on that to if he does not mind, and then
go akasha surfing.

(Preferably on LSD.)

That can be THE magic show for me.

And I care little there what your proof problems are, 
I might be busy caring for fixing some brain systems tunings, like some better
back occpital energies synch and some other stuff, so the main shareware
systems are having proper enough energy links between them for my taste, and
next I might be off towards akasha surfing interests and maybe have a deep
fascination with such.

And how little you understand there I might not care.

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