Royal Mail's Nobel guru in telepathy row

Liar42 liar42 at
Wed Nov 7 07:22:57 EST 2001

>This is what they said when the Rhine Institute was first formed--then after
decades of generally positive psi research we know what a scandal their results
ultimately turned out to be. AFAIAC (and I was agnostic 'till then), the
paranormal field lost all scientific crediblity then and there.<

Apart from when it comes to magic generalized that one might not care what
sense censored science there believes,
you obviously did not get the principles or science, 
that as such creo aspects but scio.

And not nescio ergo creo it must all be b.s.

(Sorry for my possibly rather bad Latin.)

Paranormal sounds like some people who take a mix between normal magic stuff
and belief and give it some odd names.

As such there can be magic data there;
might take sorting out the belief shite, though,
and to understand enough about magic in the first place to filter out between
their errors and daft terminology what the relevant magical data there is.

As such if far enough in magic that is not particularily difficult.

If in theoretic magic there ain't straight pop up reasons why the stuff there
can't be and is erratic belief shite,
but instead all steps as such magically theoretically regarded are possible,
even if oneself might not have the capacities for it (but for me as MBD with a
lot that seems normal), it might start to get more interesting if one is
finding THAT as such interesting and has not other interests in magic.

Problem with some dudes is that they might be off forever into trying to prove
the obvious and go rather boringly about it,
instead of making neat texts free of errors and with good naming choice for
magic aspects, rattling down magic instructions.

So all in all even Carlos Castaneda's Tales of Power or various other stuff
might read more interesting (at least for me), even if there are loads of
errors and belief bla, because at least there is still a bunch of data in there
that is not just stating magically old stuff under new odd namings and then
blas around with little to nothing coming out there forever and a day.

Dawn coming, wanna go out, cardian synch time.  ;-)


(P.S.: Some day maybe try a magic scan on his picture, the dude magically
regarded does not seem like a magician, too irregular in the magic systems.)

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