Royal Mail's Nobel guru in telepathy row

Liar42 liar42 at
Wed Nov 7 07:44:58 EST 2001

... And concerning this room and magic I found it remarkable when someone in
the past here mentioned he can generate what he called a "standing wave" and
perceive brain area shapes with it,
that he got some snide remarks and then seemed to have left the room.

If I had the finances of a department into brain healing under my jurisdiction,
I would have found it worth to pay him a flight ticket and some money, check
that magically out, and if he can actually do that, hire him to teach about
that to any students of healing who are interested.

Worked out that might have had some interesting options going off from it.

As such that one can discern a bunch of differing brain systems roughly
magically in locations and tunings I am used to from LSD magic, but he is the
first and only one I ever heard to mention perceiving the shapes of brain

Did not even seem to interest any of the neuro folks far enough to ask him how
many areas he can discern there.

In other words for the magically interested person if he could actually do that
it might remain remarkable that instead of falling over themselves to hire him
to teach within brain healing and research,
how instead snide remarks and driving him off could follow.

If idiocy would score points, there would have gone out quite some scores for

When it comes to serious magic, this room here is not the best place;
one might rather go off about such magically and verbally with persons who are
far enough in magic that both are no particular problem, and where the interest
is there and maybe even fascination concerning such.

Also all in all verbal might be found not just unsuited but in the way of a
bunch of magical stuff.

It might be regarded so that if someone is really out for magic, (s)he will
practice magic eventually and persue own interests there.

This age might also be regarded as an age where magic data from different
continents is flowing together, 
and magically therefore an interesting age.

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