You Must Remember This

Liar42 liar42 at
Wed Nov 7 15:03:21 EST 2001

A human embryo does not take minutes but around 9 months and I heard there is a
stage relevant in the mother to do with entrail symbionts, and that the embryo
there is in the mother.

A human embroy also does not develop from remains of a hand.

There are systems of development that are regarded also as developing through
our history as genetic beings.

With twins from the same cells there can be differences between them in the
looks and also development in childhood is relevant.

It is said that there is a time after birth where there are many connections
and what is not used does get reduced.

This is also to do with adaptations to the enviroment.

I so far have no internal indications to regard memories that are learned in a
life as genetically being destined.


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