Total and absolute eradication of Osama bin Laden-Petition -> support anti-OBL petition for the US Government.

GeirSmith geirsmith at
Thu Nov 8 17:51:37 EST 2001

 "Publishing the lists of Muslim victims of the WTC"  

    To:  United States Government 

Osama bin Laden is using the forces he has pitted against him to appear in the
eyes of the Islamic world as it's foremost defender. He may even want to appear
as the world Messiah that the Muslims are awaiting, as are Judeo-Christian

I thus have a simple question : how could the Messiah, if he were a Muslim, be
the Messiah, if He were to go against the precept of Islam which states that
the murder of innocent Muslims (I don't mention innocent non-Muslims, as their
murder is a Virtue for Osama bin Laden) is prohibited and is the murder of all
Humanity ? The Messiah would not be the Saviour if He *killed* all Humanity.
There were Muslims in the World Trade Center tragedies on September 11. 

I thus want to have the names of these irrefutable proofs of the falseness of
Osama bin Laden's pretences (if he should have such) that he be the Messiah or
of peoples' beliefs that he be that, as he may certainly manage to make
innocent and ignorant people believe, now that he has managed to league great
forces against him. Indeed if he succeeded in this, the end of the world would
surely be near as his goal seems to be the same as Hitler's, ie. kill everybody
on Earth ! 

If you also would like this religio-terrorist fraud to be denounced, sign on to
the petition for "Publishing the list of Muslim victims of the WTC" and show a
citizen-support to the fight against Terrorism that weakens this man instead of
strengthening him as he has conned us to do. Attacking him by conventional
means, indeed, makes him arise from the shadows and become more and more
famous. Stop his fame ! Shame him ! The religion he uses as his basis doesn't -
cannot endorse him ! He is famous as it is : he and we don't need to be laden
with a Messiah, at least not him. 

Geir Smith.  

The Undersigned 
The Publishing the lists of Muslim victims of the WTC Petition to United States
Government was created by and written by Geir Smith.  Send this to a friend "

11/1 Good news : through posting the above petition, someone posted me the
estimates of the World Trade Center Towers deaths, among which many Muslims
which URL I pass on here. I'm thus very optimistic about the usefulness of this
petition and it's goal of debunking the shameless messianic front given by
Osama bin Laden to his crimes. By giving the list of Muslims' names to the
media world-wide Osama bin Laden will not be able to deny his crimes to the
faces of his victims' Muslim families,nations and the world. The world has
entered an age of world-wide communication and is much better informed than
before. Osama bin Laden can thus no longer thrive on the ignorance of a captive
audience, cut off from information, as the Muslim world used to be for
centuries. And he can thus be held accountable for his deeds, which he can no
longer get away with; this petition will do everything to prevent him from
getting away with it. 

WTC victims estimates updated :  Sign to get public O.b.Laden
confession. My reference-site.  "O B
Laden is ignorant of Islam. Funny. Very good article : My bio and research. "Block Laden's claim to
sainthood and projects of Messiahhood :

Total and absolute eradication of Osama bin Laden-Petition -> support anti-OBL
petition for the US Government. 

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