Why are you such an asshole?

Zoë middleofnowhere at sympatico.com
Wed Nov 14 08:36:24 EST 2001

Brendan wrote in message news:3bf27013_1 at news.iprimus.com.au...

> When I opened that message Microsoft said I copped a virus.

OMG, it's already manifesting itself, too!  I can see its effects, Brendan,
you poor sod, you :(.  Yep...  Hey, guys, look!  Brendan's got a virus!  He's
already top-posting!  Next, he'll forget how to spell; then, his grammar will
go to hell :(.  Awwww...  Poor Brendan... all tits up!  Let's take up a
collection, we'll host a wake!  Send donations to Zoë c/o U Have Been Duped,
INK.  IOW, it's not a virus, it's a java-script pseudo-virus -- just reboot
and don't click on the message again, okay?  Kewl...

> Jonathan Boles wrote in message
> news:9ppnn3$c2g$2 at bugstomper.ihug.com.au...
> > Does anyone know where this stuff comes from? I see this all the time,
> some
> > kind of computer generated rambling about people and computer parts.

Hey, Jonathan, do a Google on bots attacking alt.config and HipCr*me (which
rhymes with slime) or HipCl*ne (which rhymes with O-Zone).  And, stop
top-posting or, you, like your buddy, Brendan, will soon be manifesting
further symptoms, too...

Zoë (from alt.config, which would like to be removed from this crossposting
hootenanny, pls/tnx)

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