Tom tdavis at
Fri Nov 16 00:01:22 EST 2001

I believe that neuroleptics should be a last resort to even schizophrenics.
I've had acute depression and I do not believe that these drugs are a good,
quick solution for such illness. I was taking olanzapine for around four
months, I've been free of it for around six months and I'm doing better. But
I am concerned that they have permanently damaged my subtle abilities to
abstract at the highest levels, at higher brain functions. For example, I am
interested in achieving higher states such as meditation and I believe this
ability may be crippled because of neuroleptics. I will explain why.
I have taken psilocybin (before and after taking neuroleptics, not at the
same time) in cautious, small doses on very few occasions and I have not
abused or mixed other drugs. I don't even drink alcohol. Unfortunately, now
taking around the same amount of the drug does not have much of an effect on
me; the states that are very much like those of meditation do not occur.
This is unusual for the drug of psilocybin (which I am quite sure is safe
and even healthy when used wisely). My friends have not had any changes in
how they react to the drug and they are free of any significant health
problems. I understand that it is difficult to take in account all of the
factors, but neuroleptics is the only factor that seems viable in my mind. I
think it would be a good study to test the effects of hallucinogenic drugs
on people who have formerly taken neuroleptics.
I also disagree with euphemisms and the similar behavior of doctors not
wanting to further disturb the mentally ill with the truth. I believe the
right way to really progress is through learning to handle the truth. I no
longer consider myself "mentally ill" and I will not stop searching for the
most honest answers. I would appreciate being provided with some. Thank You
- Tom Davis

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