NOTICE of Newsgroup Removal: bionet.neuroscience

Nicholas King nicholas.king at
Wed Nov 21 22:07:34 EST 2001

Yeah thought it was  a troll ... But anyway now i feel like a fool.
People like him should have their net connections revoked.......
Yours Sincerely Ze
<Spamless at nil.nil> wrote in message news:3bfc685c$1_1 at
> In Nicholas King
<nicholas.king at> wrote:
> > Is this a joke
> A troll...
> Please do NOT post responses to HipCrime's post without checking
> the "Newsgroups:" header in your post or you will be doing just
> what he wants. Those posts are all going to
> His goal is to get you to flood that group for him.
> ---------------------------------------------------
> Don't worry about it. The group is not going down.
> The message was pure harassment (of,
> actually).
> The message is a HipCrime post.
> It is a "punishment run" rather than one of his spam runs.
> There are newsgroups in which 90% of the posts are his spam
> (usually a BTV Industries modem hijacking porn dialer, though
> other times "affiliate" porn spam).
> The goal of this post is to get you to post a followup.
> Why? So you can help him out.
> How? But taking part in his flooding of NANAE
>      (
> You can often recognize his posts due to the random Markov
> text (see the last line in this post) and the fact that
> his "punishment runs" use a "Followup-To:" header redirecting
> posts to a newsgroup he wants to get back it if it does not
> accept him as the Lord High Ruler of Usenet and accept his
> posts as being properly 90% of the allowed posts (a few months
> ago, when he targeted a Sherlock Holmes group frequented by
> many minors, one day, there were 100 posts - over 70 were
> porn ads apparently from him or the HipClones).
> A few weeks ago you may have seen an obscenity of Bin Laden
> buggering Bush. That was to get folks to post followups.
> They were directected to NANAE (it was at attempt to get
> you to flood NANAE for him).
> Then you may have seen a "Formatting Your Hard Disk" post
> (JavaScript pretending to format your hard disk). That
> was another.
> A few days ago you may have seen an illegal obscenity
> of "little boys - I have tapes to sell and trade" wherein
> the fraudulent "from" address was that of a regular in NANAE
> (fraud, identity theft).
> Soon after than you may have seen "Access Greed" a post
> supporting spam - again, to get you to post a followup -
> which was directed to NANAE.
> Now this.
> These are all HipCrime or one of his HipClones.
> If you *do* post a followup, be sure to change the newgroups
> header so it goes to the group in which you have seen
> the original post - or you will be doing just what he
> wants you to do ... help him flood NANAE.
> -----------------------------------------
> You can do a search on message text for "HipCrime" at
> (USENET) or (the WEB), for example,
> or visit NANAE ( and post a question
> about him (there are folks there more knowledgeable than I
> about his current routines).
> He is a spammer. He finds and uses open PROXYs (unsecured
> proxies used on home systems with high bandwidth -
> cable and DSL modem connections) to post hundreds of
> thousands of messages - each with a different subject line
> (he uses a random Markov text generator - you can often
> recognize his posts, or HipClones - his followers with
> whom he shares his programmes - by the subject line -
> often there is random text also in the message, even
> after embedded UUencoded binaries - the random text is
> used to avoid being blocked/filtered by systems that block
> multiple posts of messages with identical bodies/subject_lines).
> He considers himself the Lord High Ruler of Usenet and strongly
> objects to those groups that do not accept him or spam and
> "punishes" them.
> How to punish such a group? The obvious is to find an open
> PROXY (high bandwidth) and use that to post hundreds of thousands of
> messages to the target group - each with a different subject line
> (so they cannot be blocked by the subject line) - however, in some
> groups, the members don't fall for it, notice the path/source in
> the header and block on the source. How to punish such a group?
> Easy. Don't flood it! Flood every other newsgroup! *But* use messages
> designed to induce folks in those groups to post a followup message
> *and* set the "Followup-To:" header in the original post to that
> of the target group! If twenty folks in each of 20,000 newsgroups
> each post a followup all of which go to the target newsgroup -
> a flood! He has managed to get others to flood a newsgroup for him
> and the posts can't be blocked based on the path since they (the
> followups) come from all over!
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> If you want to post a followup message to one of his posts (whatever
> it is) to alert regulars of your group about what the message is
> and what it does, after choosing to post, check the "Newsgroups" header
> in the message. If it has been changed (due to a "Followup-To:" header
> in the original post to that of a group HipCrime is targetting for
> punishment) you will have to change it back to the group in which
> the original post appeared so as not to contribute to flooding
> the targetted group (as HipCrime desires) and so that the visitors
> to your group actually get to see your post!
> Don't worry about his having tricked you. Quite a few have fallen
> for this ploy. He'll be doing it again, with a different type of
> post, again (in a week or so) I am sure. He has been around for
> months. Well, he has been around much longer, but he has been
> doing this for months...

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