Olfactory region close to the brain!

Keith Leung keith.leung at att.net
Sat Nov 24 16:49:29 EST 2001

Dear Reader,
I am freshman in college, a year ago, and now suffering from mental
disorder, that I can't intrepret reasoning as okay as before. Like I always
lost in a longer sentense or conversation. I suspect that I have used a
nasal spray with active ingredents: Betamethansone, Chlorheniramine, and
Oxymetazoline. I have been addicted to it for a month long. I suspect that
my brain would have been damage since then. I did terminated the usage but
the cognitive effects is still disturbing my normal college.
I think that the chemicals affect the frontal lobe of the brain via the
olfactory region in the nasal, would that be true?
Thank you.
Keith Leung

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