M.I.E.R. - Characterization of peptides / proteins

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Wed Nov 28 17:15:31 EST 2001

The instrument M.I.E.R. [(Multicompartment Immobilized Enzyme Reactor),
developed in Italy by Talent s.r.l.] integrates catalytic conversion,
product separation, product concentration and catalyst recovery into a
single operation. This tool is flexible to meet changing needs of
researchers in pharmaceutical and protein chemistry. This
multicompartmentelectrolyzer (MCE) apparatus (operating with isoelectric
membranes and based on the immobiline chemistry) is useful for protein
purification and structure analysis.(reference: P.G. Righetti, Immobilized
pH gradients: Theory and Methodology, Elsevier, Amsterdam 1990).

(i)  the purification of biomolecules obtainable from a catalytic
bioconversion process
(ii) designing and testing enzymatic, kinetic assays for high-throughput
(iii) protein purification
(iv) protein primary structure determination
(v) understanding specific metabolic functions of protein isoforms

For more information about the instrument itself, its applications and "ad
hoc" services, please contact: Montegen [email: info at montegen.com; mail to:
P.O. Box 7357 Tallahassee, FL, 32314-7357 U.S.A.; URL: www.montegen.com].

Montegen represents the Italian company Talent in U.S.A.; both the companies
are involved in offering services tailored on the specific requests of
clients working in the proteomic arena.

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