Consciousness through the integration of disparate brain structures

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Wed Oct 3 03:22:58 EST 2001

>Subject: Consciousness through the integration of disparate brain structures
From: Damian

Sometime in the past two years I read an article discussing a theory as to how
the brain integrates the senses, memory and thought processes into what we
describe as consciousness.<

For me the consciousnesses are the I s, so not all the senses nor the long term
memory systems, etc.

But as this is a room full of atrocious crimes against persons of related
kinds, I do not wish to discuss the position of I systems in my brain neither
here nor anywhere in the net.

> The mechanism described was a section of the brain that emits, what was
described as, a pulse at a consistent interval.<

Which section 
& what pulse?

>That pulse essentially polls the various structures and somehow combines the

So far I cannot say that I follow you.

My own I gets informations or requests informations, but I did not notice any
pulse in that.

More to do with different systems.

I might be off daydreaming or something, and if the sequencer, that is the
intelligence that supervises the motoric sequences, and because I am MBD we can
be rather segregated at times, 
gets stuck,
then I might be sort of like linked,
but it can take me a while to get external informations and find out where we
are and what is up there, and what is it this time that the sequencer got stuck
with (usually modern actions, that seem to much for it's rather limited
intelligence / guess the biopograms there are just not adapted for that) ...
and how to solve that problem, whatever it was that the sequencer got stuck
with. (Keys, for example. I still find it amazing how long I could live in a
place and still find it poking with the wrong key in the door. Seems to discern
keys there better is not in it's natural capacities much ... not that I tracked
it much, but I believe partially it got better.)

Anyway, not following internally what pulse you mean there.

Source sector?

>I have been unable to chase down the article and I am not sure as to whether
it was an article in a science journal, newspaper science section or a book

Any help?<

Sorry, no.

(Was answering while reading.

Bad habit maybe, but I am a slow reader and it saves me reading it again to


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