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Thu Oct 4 04:51:16 EST 2001

> who could have won the day
with a new useful model but were unsuccessful. <

The day is there and does therefore not need to be done, and to be long in
front of a computer can be bad for the spine, for sensitive people highten
cancer dager, and otherwise also might be for health more regarded a loss than
a walk in natural nature.

>One because he was not an American - he did not know English, <

Oh, so Argentina is not what where I come from we call America, because for
some USies in their megalomania only US Americans are Americans and the rest
does not exist, and therefore a Middle American is not an American and a South
American is not an American, just various North Americams are Americans.
Amazing attitude. As well as that a model is not successful if it is a language
maybe as wide-spread as Spanish, spoken in most countries of Amerika as the
main language, as if if a model is correct or not is depending on if one were
to use a foreign language or one's own.

It might be more that some dumbhead US-Americans are so stupid and so arrogant,
that they are not finding it necessary to learn the language that humans in
most countries of Amerika speak, and instead have the craze that anyone must
speak theirs.

When you wake up from your megalomania a model can be correct or incorrect, and
that is nothing to do with if some dumbhead has ever bothered to learn the
language spoken in most countries of what we call Amerika or not, and if it
were correct it can be regarded as a success irregardless how many dumbheads
refusing to learn other languages can follow it or not.

Apart from that if one were really interested in something of whatever language
(I was just guessing it was Spanish, might have been another language) one
could either get a dictionary or someone willing to translate.

(BTW, I keep finding US dumbhead arrogance amazing.)

>Dr. Grigg because he did not know or
understand opponent process (knowledge of wavelets is not necessary to get the
answer), <

I did not follow earlier writing, but in my head there often seem no opposite
processes aware to me.

More other aspects, like now that there is one finger that swoll, though I do
not really understand why. Or stuff that just drinking something, but that is
more cooperative.

I find a lot either like more segregated parallel, 
or cooperative.

Although I have been opposing at times some stuff, too.

[For example some IMO  Seq.-related aspects.]

[ ... ] = older stuff that I do not wish to explain there at the time.

...To get back to the topic before I noticed that of native English speakers
US-Americans seem to be the most arrogant and stupid when it comes to

The attitude (not for all persons from there, but a lot) seems to be often that
the rest of the world has to speak their language because they are too daft and
too stupid to speak in other languages. 

While in some African places it seemed common that a person at the age of 20
speaks about 4-6 languages, and also from various others one hears about 3-6,
USies brill by often seeming unable to talk even just one other language

A neighbour some houses on who was born in Mesico, if I recall right, seemed to
find my Spanish better than that of his US-American wife.
I thought something like:"What?! That short of grammar-less chaos of partially
probably highly erratic words stuck together, in other words my Spanish (and I
understand little or nothing when listening to someone talking in spanish) is
supposed to be better than that of his partner married to someone whose first
language is Spanish?"

My Spanish is real bad.

... But I did not exclude that her's might be actually even worse than mine, as
I guess I could babble off in it for a while if that is what I wanted to, even
if I might understand litle to nothing of the answer (but that depends also on
the speaker, also had it that I understood nearly all the other said), and
maybe she can't even just talk off in Spanish, because she is US-American, and
though their language is partially Romanic (so that it should be easier than
coming from a Germanic language) one might not expect with a US-American that
(s)he can even just half-way fluently ramble on a while verbally in Spanish or
any other language on Earth.

One might more expect them to wish that their language is to be spoken even
when they are in other countries with another main language, and partially even
when they have been living there for years.

(Actually I am not so amazed that USies got some planes crashed into some
building. Even though there it miht have been way more related with war-acts in
other countries. And the brain-wash bla here in USie culture on T.V. is so
utterly rock-bottom low-level intellectually, sort of a mix of nationalistism
and one-sidedness and self-glorification and covering up or euphemizing US
crimes, that alone listening to that I can get how some might be pissed off
enough to hate them so much.)

... One might find it interesting if person A writes something how person B
makes it sound like that person A should have translated that because person B
was too lazy to learn person A's language.

Lol ...

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