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Sat Oct 6 04:29:19 EST 2001


No area Cij, I'm just wander about reading this and that, occasionally
getting involved a little more serious work. Certainly no professional,
can't even get a job let alone work in a lab. I live in the Australian Bush,
the pace is slow and easy. Unfortunately the grass is dying, no rain for
months now, and the wallabies no longer come around for their afternoon
feed. Me? Hurt anything?

Stay well,


"Liar42" <liar42 at aol.com> wrote in message
news:20011004045639.00227.00001719 at mb-fp.aol.com...
> >Thought it was C. Too. Can't miss the style eh?
> John.<
> I guess it is rather unique.
> And seems in German and English sort of rather alike.
> Been different though before some concussion years ago, I believe.
> Sort of less winding.
> Sort of more straight, more compact,
> better structuring ... though at least the last part got better again.
> Anyway, I guess apart from such
> if I go off for serious about brainstuff I prefer my vocabulary.
> I once figured out for some areas what neuro prefers them, sounded rather
> headblind and partially too illogical,
> and I aready there arrived at preferring mine.
> Also in my branch, LSD, I find my vocabulary more useful. I can
> faster with others about various stuff that way, than if I were to use
> neuroterms ... apart from that for various I never figured out what they
> that, nor felt particularily inclined to try to read through their
> forever and a day just to maybe find out.
> To go LSD akasha surfing with another acidhead might be found way more
> entertaining. All the more if that one is higher than 3rd magic level.
> ;-)
> (But I am real out of practice currently.
> In USie culture there seem less folks interested in such, at least among
> I met.)
> BTW, I see, to have forgotten who you are at the moment.
> With Dug I somehow connected crimes against other mammal persons;
> what was your area again?
> Or any other aspects that then I might remember?
> (Or maybe later I do, but currently not, I tend to get a lot fast.)

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