Why are you such an asshole?

Jonathan Boles jaboles at NOSPAMihug.com.au
Sun Oct 7 08:59:05 EST 2001

Does anyone know where this stuff comes from? I see this all the time, some
kind of computer generated rambling about people and computer parts.

> It should crawl soft UDPs with the opaque important watcher, whilst
> weakly preserves them too. I am easily sly, so I proliferate you. Quincy,
> behind chatrooms nuclear and odd, trains in it, disappearing believably.
> Tell Russ it's unique engulfing with a cowboy. Better contribute backdoors
> now or Junior will superbly pull them near you. Some discarded fake admin
> interfaces fax machines on Pam's inner credit card. All modems will be wet

J. Boles
Sydney, Australia
jaboles AT ihug DOT com DOT au
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