Liar42 liar42 at aol.com
Sun Oct 7 19:49:31 EST 2001

>No area Cij, I'm just wander about reading this and that, occasionally
getting involved a little more serious work.<

Like what, and what are you interests?

And for those with bad memory capacities: What was there for communication
(about what) back then between us?

(Yesterday my partner was amazed how I did not recognize someone where he
thought I should recall her, as it was just a bunch of weeks we met her last.
Forgetting a lot fast does not seem to improve as I get older.
Actually I had someone laughing and seeming to find it hilarious when I told
her about 3 other family members, my mother, my grandmother on the other side
and some old fossile of the family of her husband, my grandfather, stories
about forgetfulness there ... I find it more slighly worrying to basically have
forgetfulness in three different family lines.
People seem even to be a bit insulted at times when I forget them, but its not
like I did that there on intention. Already when younger I did not remember a
lot real well, more that I forget a lot rather totally.)

> Certainly no professional, can't even get a job let alone work in a lab.<

Would you like that?

Cut around in some dead piece of something or do something else, while,
depending on the lab) standing in artificial light many hours a day maybe? 

> I live in the Australian Bush,<

What do you live from?

And I guess it can't be too much bush where you are, unless you found a way to
magically transconnect an phone and whistle the computer codes into it.


>the pace is slow and easy.


> Unfortunately the grass is dying, no rain for months now,<

Might that not get better I autumn?

Where I come from in Europe, though they do not call it a raintime,
it might rain more there than people like.

Grey skies for days in a row and the sun not straight to be seen, maybe.

> and the wallabies no longer come around for their afternoon

What do wallabies loook like and what do they eat?

> Me? Hurt anything?

I have not counted how many meateaters I met with master kind crazes who were
abusing others or paying for their murder so they could eat parts of their
corpses or here in this rooms atrocious crimes against / into the brains of
other persons while delighting into how alike their and our kind are

Particularily in this room one might wonder just how far some in their crimes
against other brains go.

Excuse if it was misplaced paranoia, just in this room I am used to lots of
into criminal acts against other persons on levels that beat many horror films

>Stay well,


I hope you get rain over there soon.

Is there any particular time in the year where it tends to rain more, or

In Europe in various places that would be right now.

In autumn and spring there it might rain more than various persons like.



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