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Sun Oct 7 20:24:14 EST 2001

>> ... Still at imprisoning and maiming rats?
>Naah - downgraded to mice.

I am glad to hear that.

Though I still find it wrong with mice, too, 
alone that various might eat their young and that they might be way more stupid
compared to rats (though maybe I am too prejudiced there?) 
makes me prefer that over rats.

I happen to have a liking for rats.

I did not want that, as I am against holding rats prisoners, but the sister of
my partner had two old rats in a cage and when one had died got two young ones
and gave me one as a birthday present. I am totally against declaring another
person as possesion, but he was just like 6 weeks old and I did not just wish
to set him outside alone, as then he might have been eaten by an owl, cat or
wild dog ...

I tried to chat my partner into that they can run around free here, even if it
might cost a few cables, but he totally did not want that.

So at least when I go out or a smoke I tend to often take them along and let
them run around there.

They are very much persons and also very differing.

(Mentally and physically.)

I really hated them abused.

I do not agree to mice being abuse either, but admit frankly that I mind it
less than rats.

It will not alter though that persons who get older might have lower melatonin
levels, and that sleeping with every decade more artificial energies zipping
through own akasha and in various cities the Milky Way no longer visible
because of energies of all them artificial lights (not to forget other
energies) making too many disturbances to see it,
might make it more difficult to go to sleep. As also a life style of there
maybe not being a herd around which might disturb the first emotion generator
and cause more restlessness, and also for some a work day that is not to do
with runnning or at least moving a lot in nature,
but more being 8 hours in artificial surroundings that might be more disturbing
than inside good.

There might not be enough moving through nature, also not enough sports, not
enough herd feelings, too many artificial energies disturbing internally and
being cancer dangers all the more if systems are not making many own
and with older persons also it is natural that melatonin levels do go down.

I do not exclude that there are those homo chimps who are not living a natural
enough life but one so artificial and so full internally with artificially
generated energies that then they can not sleep O.K. as in natural nature
without such, and next some neuro perverts force openings into the skulls of
other mammal persons who never consented in order to try to satisfy their
curiosities what to do about sleep problems homo chimps have, that to quite an
extent might be in the wake of homo chimp actions or natural as getting older
and not just melatonin levels alter.

The causes that I just listed before that might lead to sleep problems in
various persons will not be stopped that way,
as no crime against another mammal person does feed of herd-feelings for a
human mammal living alone nor alter a job of 8 hours worked in conditions that
are not good and highly unnatural nor stop that vast amounbt of artificially
generated electromagnetic waves forced into persons' akasha balances.

Apart from that no homo chimp whatsoever makes messing around in another mammal
person's brain not a crime.

But it is interesting to read how neuro delights in internal alikeness so high
between kinds 
and does that not find a reason to stop all such pervert crimes but to all the
more be out for more deata to deduct from the other brain to their own (and
often be totally offshot in the attempts).

{Also read that with another Affe (ape, monkey ... forget which kind, and in my
language there is not such a big discerning there) they took a brain sector out
and then wondered about the outcomes 
where I thought how can obe be, apart from so extremely perverted to commit
such crimes to another person, so daft as to not find that obvious; if they had
asked me about that I could have told them with their outcomes there before
that that would be likely. 
... One look at the neocortex wrinkling amounts and size of the other
Affenkinds brain and our Affenkinds brain should have made it obvious that
there would be in differences between how it is expected with our kind (or
maybe was also known from brain damages there) and their kind.

[That was as simple as thinking a bit about sequencer - motor cortex
correlations a bit and figuring that of course there should be correlation
differences, because in homo chimps it is bigger than there, and therefore one
might expect that in correlations without it the human sequencer might have
more problems and being used to more being processed there than I'd expect in
in such an ape kind - and what, for such shit they took out the motor cortex of
another person?!

Pack of madhead criminals.]

... But of course their own brains they never use for such, than rather persons
internally so related,
who are held prisoners and brain-maimed.}


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