Why Be Awake? (Re: A Theory of Sleep)

yan king yin (no spam please) y.k.y at lycos.com
Mon Oct 8 13:45:36 EST 2001

"Liar42" <liar42 at aol.com>:
> ... In the rest you seem to overlook that there is enough time for reproduction
> and many kinds just having certain times for that so that that sleep does not
> have to be in the way of the ability to have children, all the more for a
> woman, as when the time comes there might be enough males there and maybe even
> more than appreciated.

But the individuals that dont need to sleep might be more able to
establish dominance over others and hence be more reproductively
sucessful.  I do admit that such evolutionary arguments dont always
work.  Evolution is known to be imperfect and there are random

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