Need help about poly neuropathy Deutsch - English

Statik czero93 at
Mon Oct 8 20:36:29 EST 2001

Are you reffering to Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating

As far as i know, intravenous immunoglobulin or immune system
suppression are the main avenues.  There is talk about some applying
some of the more fringe treatments for MS for use in CIDP.  I remember
reading about bee venom treatments.

A good site for support and to speak to others with CIDP.  It it:

"Stefan Neureiter" <s.neureiter at> wrote in message news:<1002177698.150970 at>...
> Can anyone please tell me something about therapie or alternativ therapie by
> poly neuropathy?? Please help me!! ! !
> Kann mir bitte jemand Tips bei der Behandlung oder auch der alternativen
> Behandlung von Poly Neuropathie geben??

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