subdural hematoma

EM gauge12 at
Mon Oct 8 23:52:18 EST 2001

Hello --

My wife, after a day or two of severe migraine headache and blurring of
vision behind her left eye, had a CAT scan today, and the doctor determined
that it was a subdural hematoma, which had become a cyst with some
calcification.  Since it's behind her left eye, it's right by her brainstem.
She is going in for MRI Wednesday and to see a chief neurologist Thursday.
We don't know if the cyst is really a tumor and malignant yet.  This all has
been a shock to us.  If anyone can shed some more light on this, I'd
appreciate very much.  What's the next step?  If the cyst or the tumor is
malignant, how dangerous is the surgery?  I would love to get any advice
from a neurosurgeon.  We are in NYC.  Thank you very much.


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