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Tue Oct 9 17:55:12 EST 2001

> These days I'm very much tied down with some particularly difficult problems


> and know what it means to be very stupid.<

I heard of a professor who shouted for his wife when the water kettle ws
whistling, because he was too stupid to know what to do.
When it comes to human stupidity Einstein said something like:

There are two things that are infinite:
The universe
and human stupidity.
However with the prior I am not entirely sure.

Someone said if he feels shit he watches some stupid talk show and looking at
those in the audience makes him feel better. (Maybe to not be like them?) 

Anyway, lots are stupid in different areas.

No human knows all.

>> And for those with bad memory capacities: What was there for communication
 (about what) back then between us?

>I remember my opponents.<

Which is not an extensive answer.

> As to your memory problems, I suppose you've heard
about the herbs about that do seem to help some people, particularly those with
memory problems post trauma.<

Concerning memory capacities in my head they never seemed that good,
and I doubt some herbs will stop that, but feel free to list them.

> you really need to check with someone before doing any of this,<

Is the other me and has my reactions to drugs?

... I might notice myself if they are bad.

As with various drugs I might be more worried that internal balances might be
messed up with such if I were to take them every day, and also not be sure how
healthy they are for the kidneys and other organs.

>In my younger days I also found some styles of meditation, dhyana and
vispassana, very useful in enhancing my concentration and pure memory
ability. Additionally, Zen style, the initial one, concentration, the
beginning of the great nothing, can help in enhancing memory,<

What are the differences between dhyana, vispassana and Zen?
/ How do they go?

> but only if you're up for it, the game is harder than the uninitiated

Initiations aside, I am not good in concentrating long on somthing tedious, and
might be wandering off with my concentration withing minutes --- if not less.

> I hate meditation, as the enlightend D T Suzuki notes somewhere in intro to
Zen Buddhism, "Meditation is something artificially put on, it does not belong
to the natural activity of the mind." <

Aside from that I regard mind systems more to do with personality aspects and
not that relevant in many forms of energy works,
that sort of sitting still and lowering energies and trying to hold rather
still inside or slowly focussing around indeed does not seem very natural, and
various positions also unhealthy for my knees.

>Then again, there is that old Buddhist idea of enlightenment, it's like
crossing a lake, but once you've crossed the lake, you don't need the canoe
anymore .... . <

But if I wanted to again, unless swimming, I might prefer the canoe.

Apart from that with enlightenment these days there are so many artificially
generated energies that alone the cancer dangers, also depending on the area,
might not be regarded as the most healthy, 
and that might be regarded more relevant than the method used to transcend till
enlightenment (--- unless straight being at altering methods to try to counter
cancer danger). And getting older does not really improve defenses against

... But I am not really the expert on enlightenment, more someone who is on LSD
maybe for a while liking to watch another when that one is in enlightened

>The phrase 'meditation group', is an oxymoron.<

What is an oxymoron?

> German author Hermann Hesse perhaps? <

I did not read much of him.

Actually I am currently at wondering with Siddhartha (which the first time I
did not like when I read it and the second time liked better, which also showed
me how much I had changed inside) and Narzis und Goldmund if those were by him,
as those I read, but am not too sure who wrote them.

>Peter Camenzind??
Wonderful stuff ... .<

Don't recall reading a book by him.

>I don't like any work.<

Do I spy potential competation to the Reincarnation of the Goddess of Laziness?


> > I live in the Australian Bush,<
> What do you live from?

>> And I guess it can't be too much bush where you are, unless you found away
to magically transconnect an phone and whistle the computer codes into it.<

>I don't know what you're image of Australia is, <

Big place,  maybe less than 20 million humans, and lots of wild places ...
including where many of the bushes grow?

... BTW, I was joking a bit on the bushes aspect,
I assumed you get that I do not seriously believe you are whistling into some
phone you hooked up mysteriously magically into some satellite overhead to get
the computer transconnections and messages.


The question had actually been more what sort of place you live in, like some
town or city or small village or farm or where.

>True, all the grass is dying, but the younger female wallaby showed up
today, we feed her. There used to be a 'mob' of them, about 7, but circa 2
months ago most disappeared. This one we can almost feed by hand now, I sit
here typing away and she comes up to the porch, looking at me, waiting for
me to head off to the kitchen to get some food for her. Who's trained here?
Wallabies are small kangaroos, basically, I trust you know what kangaroos are.<


> Surprise surprise, these kangaroo had personalities ... .<

Or course.

All with such a pouch were on a person list I made somewhere.

(As various other [main] kinds.)

>As for your pan psychic views, I never did like Spinoza<

(I suspect we are not talking about a horned and horny guy with a reed pipe
here ... ;-)

(And even with something like the pan galactic gargle blaster 
mentioned in the Hitchhiker's Guide I was not to sure what the pan was standing

What psychic views apart from having ranted off against that term as such here
and there and against parapsychology for taking old magic stuff and renaming it
in a silly way and calling basic magic capacities something extra and mixing a
bunch of belief crap treated like facts into a bunch of their stuff.

Who was Spinoza and what concepts did he have?

> but given some other recent news claiming that even tiny insects had
displayed 'distinctive individual
traits' and the ongoing gafuffle about consciousness I'm up for any
explanation <

For me it are the I s, but the time is too late to get serious info from me,
for that one would have to get me many years ago on trips at the right time
into the right stages.

It's too long ago even that I reached prestages, where I could still talk, but
it was so different to other systems being more connected.

But that was less the explanations but more so segregated feeling stages as
such that were relevant there.

Also even if I were to point at several limbic systems where there are hardware
correlates to my own I magic systems, that does not make me you, nor are there
all I systems in my head, nor does that make a parrot me, nor does it make us
an octopus.

BTW, someone whom I also magically found interesting regarded all of us animals
as consciousnesses.

I'll be back later maybe,
my partner needs this room to go to sleep.

Also I am a Buffy-addict, and it starts on T.V. in some minutes.


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