Liar42 liar42 at aol.com
Wed Oct 10 22:57:54 EST 2001

>Dhyana is a style for 'quietists', a gentle meditation of concentration. Not
for you.<

That does still not tell me how it is done..

> Nor is Zen, focus on breathing, but vispassana is worth a shot. You
don't try to concentrate, you don't try to do anything, you just sit back
and let your mind go. Important not to 'do anything' with your thoughts,
just let these rise and fall.<

Tricky, because I might real fast be at something again.

>(...) but the right sort of music (eg, I go for Keith Jarrett, Jan Garbarek on
ECM Records, a German Label of absolute quality and commitment to music).

I do not recall these.
(If you were round the corner and had them I might ask if I can borrow them to
make copies.  ;-)

>(...) the goal here is to simply and only hear the music flowing through
your head. <

Concerning music flowing through the head with what I call the playground there
are parts in the left where since some concussion in the past I have some
distrust there ... but sometimes if I really focussed hard for it I managed to
get it to have (tape) music running in there again for a rather short time, and
at least not straight headaches with it.
Might never be as before. I have been missing that.

> > but only if you're up for it, the game is harder than the uninitiated

I have various doubts that all systems in my head would have music running
through them, and with the playground the problem is that in the left side
there were damages. Before I liked to run music in the playground at times on

But normally just there.

If I recall right in context with conversations with others I once tried for
parietal, but had the rather disquiting feeling that though I could send stuff
there, I was alike "blind" for what it was doing there, like if it is O.K.
enough for that sector.
That worried me, because with the playground I knew that if letting music run
in there and having selected the wrong tape (part) or radio stuff I did not
know well enough that I could get overloads there & epilepsy if I was not real
fast in sort of making counter-steering orders well enough.
So I got worried because with parietal it was like "blind", I just could not
perceive there like I was used to with the playground back then, and so I
stopped those experiments. 

Simplified from other areas I am not aware that in my head I can just let music
run through them.

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