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>(...)meditation does make you explore your boundaries and give some insights
into your mind, particularly the vispassana style.<

Before mentioned concussion in the past I found trips there effective for
various of the mind areas, but not all, and the same goes for own I boundaries
(not that I wish to discuss that here, but for two of my main centers I could
just point at a map, and I roughly also have an idea where in one direction
then other systems start, but not so well in the other direction).

>From meditation smurfs I never had the impression that they could discern their
I systems and of the mind sectors in differentiation lots of "functions" well.

More to the opposite, that their internal systems settings are because of
energy meditation too transconnected to segregated systems properly (and also
not having trips as sort of a cork in the synapses might have to do with that ,

After that concussion and longer break time without LSD I went into LSD akasha
surfing and lost internal segregational capacities that I had before and with
that the ability to just targetly shunt my focus to differing systems in my
brain on trips and either be centered in myself or access
for example emotional ongoings in two of the main emotion generators (that I
tend to call eg.1 and 3).

Anyway, I suspect that many forms of meditation cause too many systems settings
alterations towards too much transconnection for proper segregational stages
for that, so that not even good internal systems discernings for several main
systems might be possible.

Or let's reduce it to that at least in my head I had that impression, and
though LSD akasha surfing might fall more under magic perception than
meditation they are close enough that energy transconnections between someone
far in meditation and someone far in might be transtuned within minutes or

So I reserve myself some doubts not to the opposite many forms of meditation
might be partially quite in the way for more segregated internal settings and
might not more alter hardware towards more transconnection oriented settings
and that way be in the way of the high internal segregational stages that allow
a rather effective discerning between several main systems and stuff like
mentioned before.

>Forget about lotus position and the right way to sit, all that silly stuff.
Not important.<

However if sitting the wrong way there might be so many protests from the knees
and the spine that that might be too disrupting and lead to having to change
position as it gets too bad for them.

Someone had a method of sort of stacking up a cushion, blanket and/or whatever
to build sort of a "saddle" to be sort of half sitting and half kneeling with
the knees not bent in a tight angle but nearly a right angle.

He seemed rather convinced that that position was quite good to last in it for
a longer time without being too straining.

>Good point, reminds me of the old Zen Buddhist warning that some who study Zen
become a little crazy, though I suspect you have to be a little crazy to begin

Maybe it is craziness increased then more?

Apart from that to sort of be sitting around and meditating while there are
persons starving or old persons needing help and so on, egocentric as many
including me might be there, might be regarded by others as a spending of time
that serves own purposes more, and if sitting there and saying Om on top of it
any time when breating out or something like that alone that to some people
might seem a bit crazy.

It might be noticed in various Asian religions that there is sort of a
non-caring for others.

Exaggerated to sit down and meditate and do nothing, all the big karma, don't
care who drops dead right and left, just be some priest for a while and avoid
working on the fields or other workds that might feed oneself and maybe old and
young people not in the age to provide for themselves, and instead hold out a
begging bowl and sponge from others.

Now, I am the wrong one to lecture on working morals,
but it might be noticed that there are some attitudes in various Asian mental
teachings that might seem a bit dubious.

[BTW, I wondered if meditating around a long time might cause internal systems
settings shunts more towards magic perception and older settings, but with that
maybe also older emotional settings, that might not be the best these days,
whatever some might glorify emotional effects on the long run of such ... but I
am more wildly theorizing than actually understanding very much about such.]

>> Apart from that with enlightenment these days there are so many
artificially generated energies that alone the cancer dangers, also depending
on the area, might not be regarded as the most healthy,
and that might be regarded more relevant than the method used to transcend till
enlightenment (--- unless straight being at altering methods to try to counter
cancer danger). And getting older does not really improve defenses against

>Getting older is the highest risk factor for cancer.<

I contradict. I heard several years ago that there are places in Nepal (which
sounded still more like old life style, not much --- if any ---- electricity 
and not much chemical stuff) where no one dies of cancer in old age.

It has been proven that various electromagnetic waves that were artificially
generated can cause cancer in mammals and mutations in algea.

About every decade I lieved there were a lot more artificial energies broadcast
into people and about every decade one might hear that various cancer sorts

A study I once read said that in the last 3 generations breast cancer in woman
tended to start out in average with each generation ten years earlier.

>From Egypt there were reports coming, that sounded like there they have
med-smurfs convinced that forms of cancer that in the past were no problem
(sounded like new to that area) are to do with fertilizers that are used
because the Assuan Dam is hindering the riverbanks to be flooded and so now
artificial fertilizers instead of river mud are used.

On LSD (and not just there) I get cancer danger warnings (and partially not
just sort of low level) from various artificial energies broadcasters.

There are direct correlations between many technical aspects that in some
propaganda might be treated as an advancement and many Early death by cancer.

In the place where I lived in Berlin I kept getting cancer warnings internally,
that two time increased after neighbours were kind enough to stick satellite
dishes not 3 m away from were I lived.

My neighbour got cancer by the end of his tenties and died in the start of his

Actually IMO we are currently having one of the biggest genetic deselection
programs runnung of the there sensitive.

They get artificial vibes broadcast into them, if they want it or not, those
who suffer and are not bright enough and complain to the police that this is a
health attack on them get sort of laughed at, irregardless that it has been
proven in science that various artificially generated electromagnetic vibes can
cause cance, and cancer is one of the highest death causes, and particularily
in various cities rather high, which I regard as no chance in that context.

Simplified however sensitive persons are murdered by having stuff
force-broadcast into their akasha / energies, these murders go unpersecuted.

If it was really just age than in Nepal they should die there of cancer when
old, too, and in the same amount as in many cities in Europe,
and also breast cancer should not shunt in age to come so much earlier in
average, and there should not be med smurfs convinced in Egypt that the
fertilizers brought new cancer forms,
as people would then just get cancer roughly at the same age in any generation
and the death numbers would aslo remain more or less the same.

I believe more that age hightens the chances to get cancer, but that it is not
the highest risk.

For that speak also experiments I heard where mammals were abused and had
cancer caused with artificial vibes forced into them ... and it did not say
there that they were all old and decrepit.

Actually there is a rather wild rumour that the Telecom more in the starting
time of handies took somehow four time the strength of what them devices send
out in artificial energies and broadcast that into chicken eggs and that the
mutation rate of chicken embryos was quite high.
But that the Telecom than said that these are just chickens, and not humans,
and there therefore that does not say much.

> ... But I am not really the expert on enlightenment, more someone who is on
LSD  maybe for a while liking to watch another when that one is in enlightened

>There's another oxymoron, "expert on enlightenment". No such creature exists.<

That is your opinion.

> As the Buddha said, "The ways to the one are as many as the ways of
men." Men? The Buddha clearly wasn't enlightened regarding
discrimination free language!<

I had regarded enlightenment to refer to energy stages.

Like where someone looks like of lights / energies and is transconnected very
much with energies around; I watched one where energies seemed to pass through
her nearly like wind, and she stood next to another who was way more irregular
in magic systems shunted to magic, not a magic "one" and energies were more
like deflecting from hm, not just transcending through. 

For me for example she there was one of the enlightened ones, but one can call
this also differingly, so my more common way to regard her might be as a magic
being (not "just" a magic "one") and someone very fascinating by being so
differing to me --- not that I ment her much, but at those times she seemed
nearly like the opposite to me in various aspects.

Concerning male chauvis trying to disregard females of all kinds and males of
nearly all kinds, there are those these days who are still at that.

>>>The phrase 'meditation group', is an oxymoron.<

>> What is an oxymoron?

> Sorry, forgot about the language. "Oxymoron" means a statement that
contradicts itself. A Meditation group is an oxymoron because meditation is
about individuals.<

There can be also group effects.

And in LSD akasha surfing in the times where I was in training (now I am
seeming way to far out, some other aspects aside) in berlin I was often used to
co-use some sectors of another brain for energy steerings and playing /
experimenting around.

I mean, just that I usually stayed off personal stuff does not mean that as
such one has to.
And I was sort of LSD brain-vampiring me capacities from non-MBD brains there
(that means not a bit handicapped) particularily for about one or two years
(one person at a time, though sometimes also shunts, but then I might not get
that far in my interest). So I figure if a bunch of meditation folks just for
theory were to transcend rather far various of their energies might be linked
there, and so it might be very well a group apart from the group feeling of
there being a group and being member of a group that many might have who are in
one, and chatting there before and afterwards maybe about various aspects.

But maybe we might remain at differing opinions there.

> Many would disagree with me on this,<

You just had one disagreeing.


> insist on the importance of a group to guide one,<

That I do not regard as relevant, not all humans have to be mass-sheep needing
their leaders.

Alone can be rather interesting at times, too, even if after a while herd
drives might kick in and complain about in emotional ways where the herd is and
a certain loneliness be felt --- but that might also depend on how many hours
or whatever one is busying oneself with such, and there might also be quite
some individual differences.

... However I found a lot of fascination in what difference it makes to on
sense enhancing drugs go akasha surfing with differing people (say one with
ancestors from Korea and another Roma and another looking rather average for
Berlin in comparison and one from an Arabic country in the north of Africa,
etc. ...) and that way with differing persons had differing access to different
energy "ranges" than normally I would have, and I found quite some fascination
not just in that, but also more generally that partially there can be so
far-going differences between differing people(s).

So I would not disregard group effects too far, just I am rather limited (if
not outright handicapped) in parallel processings, and therefore for me many
might be more a bit of strain 
than so much a gain.

> but more often than not groups just constrain, <

How much of that and how much gain there is might differ quite a bit depending
on the group, 
but in Berlin when out of curiosity I visited one they had electric light on,
which I really found unhealthy for attempts to transcend more,
and then there was loads of religious brain washing bla,
and a lot of that stuff sounded rather stupid to me,
and so I was not the big fan of such ... but it was interesting to have watched

> and make us play all silly games with each other (I'm more
enlightened than you ... )<

Guess I regard it like if far enough in magic or transcending meditation one
can "see" that and therefore to verbalize around there might sound a bit odd
also as some might be also an interest question, I mean one might not be out to
transcend as far as one can if there is a fridge running and electric light and
maybe other artificial vibes really disturbing.
Or one might just not be very much out for trying to transcending till
enlightenment in the first place. Maybe one has other interests.

That example sounds like anyone has nothing else to do than to work hard to
reach enlightenment.

Different persons might have different aims.

Anyway, in Berlin I do not recall someone bragging to another to be more
enlightened than the other.

Also if transcending till enlightenment that might not be regarded the perfect
internal setting for babbling around to express vanity.



(I might be back later.)

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