Liar42 liar42 at aol.com
Thu Oct 11 01:36:04 EST 2001

> There is no solution to that.<

There can be with such, like trying to arrive at how another got his view.

Simplified maybe for another the sun does not look red when the day ends,
because he does not perceive colours like me.

Now I could insist that it is red
and he that it is not,
or we could agree if having a certain colour transition in the brain then it
tends to look red there, but if he does not have that transition and for him it
does not look red, that he might be as correct with that it is not red if there
is not that transition.

(Not that I really know how someone who does not have colour transition would
perceive the sun there. It was just for the sake of making up some example.)

So even if there are aspects in the sky that two might not agree upon straight,
that does not exclude that understnding more about the perspective of another
might in some cases (and I do not say all) lead to the understanding that at
times both might be right though it might not seem so in the start (or maybe
also at times might lead to that both are wrong or that one is right and the
other wrong, or that both don't really know how it is and are more treating
each an assumption like a fact).

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