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>(...) I don't regard it as that important either. It would not
surprise me but unlike many others I'm not prepared to claim to know what all
that is about.<

I have some interests in LSD grey magic, 
and there fore a while was to do with energy translinks between some brain
areas, but where I come from magic seems to be exchanged about more magically,
not like a lot of writing like maybe is more found in English, more maybe like
Red Indians, where it also seems not custom to write about it (and from
Aborigines I also did not hear about a lot of writing there)

... but in many areas there is a lot where I know little to nothing about such.

> The universe is spooky,<

The bits of it I perceived from here I did not find that spooky,
not that I wish to exclude that some there spook about / spirit travel quite
far, however on Earth I am more familiar with encountering someone sort of
spooking around, of a dead or living human for example.

(I found a graveyard in Berlin partially spooky.
Not looking up at the night sky and stars there.)

With the universe what puzzles me is where it ends and what is behind?

I find that one of the most intriguing questions.

> Avoid Vitamin C min 3 days before trip because Vit C, contrary to the popular
wisdom, is now being shown to have nasty affects in inflammatory states.<

I did not regard vitamin C as a problem so far, to the opposite, sometimes when
I wanted to come down a bit I used a drink with a lot of it in there for that
purpose (takes about 20 minutes after drinking it for me to come "down" quite a
bit more).

Concering the immune system(s) I am generally used that for about 36 h
"defense" capacities there might go down.

With some "smaller" stuff like rather harmless colds I sometimes even found
that rather convenient.

(Sort of once the systems kick back in O.K. then I might be rid of it real
fast. Simplified alike the intruder made itself more fat than normally it could
and afterwards seems easiert to be terminated then.)

> Acid, like ecstasy, induces serotonin
metabolism, which in turn generates super 


> These, in conjunction with
nitric oxide, generated by glutamingeric activity, will, with super anions,
become peroxynitrate,<

I can't follow you well there because I understand too little about such ---
though I get the gist.

But I know little to nothing about single groups of such substances and what
they do.

> which does really nasty things to cells.<

I can't say that I noticed much about such.

I know alc does kill cells and cocaine seemed to as well.

But with LSD I did not notice alike effects,
nor have I ever heard before that LSD kills brain cells.

(Not that I'd have problems to rattle down some systems, partially in my
terminology, that it registered to be bad for.)

> Hence long term abuse of ecstasy killing all those serotongernic cells.<

You are the first one I recall to state that ecstasy kills brain cells, and if
they all of those cells you mentioned were really dead how comes that 
ecstasy users, unless not drinking enough, do not hit techno disco floors dead
way more often? Or can a human live without these cells, fi they are really all

Anyway, I doubt it kills them all.

I don't even recall the immediate impression that quite a bunch of cells are
dying, like with high amounts of alc or with C.

... But I just took E a few times and partially in combi with something else
(and also not always a full tablet).

I heard more rumours that E can alter synaptic connection "patterns" and that
it can cause motoric damages, and after I saw someone having twitches in
between in a disco, who had taken like 4 or 5 Es, I figured that might be more
than just some rumour, and did not take it that often also for other reasons
than that I do not wish to damage movements steering systems in my brain too
much (what I call the sequencer in my brain and me are seeming often rather
segregated, and the life also of another person in traffic might depend on that
the sequencer does not mess up when I am not driving but leaving such to it and
trust it far enough or just linked off without thinking much about such).

> Sustained excessive activity or even short but very intense bursts of
serotonin metabolism can overwhelm our natural defences,<

How? I had assumed that central immune systems aspects are in the body.

BTW, questions (to anyone who knows and feels like answering): Is the sternum
hollow with marrow in the middle?

Is it a bone or more like cartilage?

> so post trip also have good 

I am not even sure what foods all have that 
and also a lot of my food selection might have not so much to do with me (I
happen to not regard my self as centrally competent for that and figure other
systems might understand way more about what is needed than me).

> based meals to boost serotonin synthesis back up, <

I am not so worried about that.

I do not exclude that if there is a too much 
receptor molecules go down,

but I am not so worried about the production.

Also you might overlook that in the times I tended to take LSD about once a
week in Berlin I was used to effects of that.

I do not say that they are all comfortable, but there are other negative
aspects concerning LSD that I tended to regard as more relevant than brain

Apart from that Timothy Leary I heard reached 75 years of age 
and on a picture that a newpaper wrote was his last looked rather merry and

So I don't really worry that much, if anything more about kidneys health.

BTW, is Hofmann
(the "father" of LSD who is said to have taken it still in older age) 
dead and if so  how old was he when he died?

>as the oxidants created will also destroy tryosine hydroxlase, necessary for

As long as not all is /are destroyed
why should not later more be produced?

(Acid ...) > Trouble used to be finding good quality<

Sounds very familiar.


> but the thrill wears off pretty quickly.<

It later tended not to be like the first times, but I do not recall one LSD
trip that I found boring.

I am still fascinated by LSD.

(Wish I had some here.
... Maybe when I'm back to Europe I'll look around for some.)

> Acid use demonstrates how fragile our consciousness of the world
is: it affects serotonin pathways.<

Acid has many effects in my head & body, and can be used for various purposes
in my head, and somehow I regard the consciousnesses in my head like rather
differing systems,
and how much I perceive of the world around, apart from MBD aspects, I regard
also very much to do with how interested I happen to be to perceive about outer
aspects for a while or shortly in between.

(Not that I say hardware stuff is irrelevant.)

> for me it just made it great fun to watch the fire.<

With the pupils wide I might find that too bright.

(I often prefered akasha surfing. Like energy perception games with another

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