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Liar42 <liar42 at aol.com> wrote:
> It has been proven that various electromagnetic waves that were artificially
> generated can cause cancer in mammals and mutations in algea.

Not proven. EMF fields can cause mutations in non-mallals. Most studies
show that they do not cause cancer-type mutations in malmmal cells in
vitro, let alone in living mammals.

> About every decade I lieved there were a lot more artificial energies broadcast
> into people and about every decade one might hear that various cancer sorts
> increased.

But this does not consist evidence that one caused the other. The
increase in cancer can depend on other things, like: people get older
these days, and people are exposed to so many other risk factors.
> A study I once read said that in the last 3 generations breast cancer in woman
> tended to start out in average with each generation ten years earlier.

I just found a study concluding that there is no evidence that EMF
fields increase breast cancer.

> On LSD (and not just there) I get cancer danger warnings (and partially not
> just sort of low level) from various artificial energies broadcasters.

Listening to these broadcasters should be made compulsory from school
level. Otherwise man cannot understand his environment.
> I believe more that age hightens the chances to get cancer, but that it is not
> the highest risk.

That is rather my impression also.

-- Chauvie Smurf

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