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I have evidence that NO inactivates Tryptophan hydrox ... following up
something on ecstasy stumbled upon this:

The recent demonstration that TPH is inactivated by NO in vitro (Kuhn and
Arthur, 1996, 1997) establishes the possibility that this important brain
enzyme is susceptible to inactivation by NO in vivo and could form the basis
for loss of TPH activity when NO levels are elevated in brain (e.g.,


Article: Molecular Mechanism of the Inactivation of Tryptophan Hydroxylase
by Nitric Oxide: Attack on Critical Sulfhydryls that Spare the Enzyme Iron
Authors: Donald M. Kuhn 1,2 and Robert Arthur Jr 1
Journal: The Journal of Neuroscience, October 1, 1997, 17(19):7245-7251

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> John H. <John at faraway.com.au> wrote:
> > post trip also have good
> > carbohydrate based meals to boost serotonin synthesis back up, as the
> > oxidants created will also destroy tryosine hydroxlase, necessary for
> > synthesis. Good fish meal too(deep sea, lots of oil), or get some good
> > acids to help limit the damage.
> You mean tryptophan hydroxylase (tyrosine h. is for catecholamines).
> I agree that a carbohydrate meal boosts tryptophan levels in the brain,
> but how can that increase serotonin levels if there is lack of
> tryptophan hydroxylase??
> Dag Stenberg

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