Royal Mail's Nobel guru in telepathy row

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Fri Oct 12 16:27:00 EST 2001

Cardinal Chunder <xxxx at> wrote:
>Nick Lilavois wrote:

> > Wrong. Don't let your preconceptions and personal beliefs color your
> >  scientific objectivity- that was Brian Josephson's point.
>My beliefs on this matter are only coloured by the fact that there no 
>proper scientific research to back up such claims. The field of the 
>paranormal is littered with plenty of flawed research, pseudo-science, 
>mumbo-jumbo, speculations, distortions and hearsay. If a REAL research 
>paper appeared that could withstand proper scientific scrutiny then I 
>would have no problem in altering my views.

I explained that situation in my post:
That mentality is what has hurt study in this field for
decades, creating a catch-22. If a legitimate scientist even
suggests it is an area worth investigating, he is labeled a
crackpot, does not get funding, and does not get published.
That is more than enough to scare away anyone other than
crackpots from studying the field, thus creating a
self-fulfilling prophecy. It is only recently that such
studies are beginning to gain legitimacy, thanks to people
like Professor Josephson.

>At present this seems none too likely to happen.

No, attitudes are changing- there are legitimate scientists
willing to study this field now. Did you see the links I

>Frankly I would have 
>thought researchers into such stuff would be falling over themselves to 
>produce proper proof. I mean, imagine the plaudits that would be 
>bestowed on the person who finally proved beyond doubt that telepathy 
>existed! And let's not forget a certain 1 million dollar prize that's on 
>offer either, plus a lifetime of lucrative book deals and chat show 

Like I said, there is no proof yet- just a significant
amount of evidence that there is something here beyond mere

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