A few questions about Neuro-related PhD programs

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DylanDavidWagner wrote:
>    I'm currently finishing up my undergrad in psych and am hunting
> around for possible graduate schools and programs. At the moment I'm
> torn between low level visual perception (retinal and slightly higher).
> And (as if my mind wishes to make life dififcult for me) high level
> visual perception and perceptual disorders (agnosia, neglect etc.).
> Funny but mid level perception is boring to me. :)
>         There's a lab or two in low level visual pereception that I
> might apply to but what I'm stumped on is the higher level bit. I think
> if I pursue that angle then neurpsychology would be the program of
> choice. I'd very much like to follow the clinical and research angle as
> much as possible with emphesis on perecptual disorders resulting from
> brain trauma. However I'm completely at a loss as to whether this is
> even viable, and if so, which schools? In truth what do
> neuropsychologist researchers/clinicians do (I know there's plenty who
> do both)?
> Is there even an interest on the part of funding bodies and universities
> to pursue research into perceptual disorders. I'm facinated by neglect
> syndromes and would love to further study and research in that area but
> it's quite difficult to figure out where to go. Does anyone have any
> thoughts as to possible universities and doctors
> I might wish to look into?
>              Thanks again, any and all suggestions and help will be much
> appreciated.
>                                                                     DDW

I'm not sure I'll be of much help but...
I started out in clinical psych and stumbled onto a training
position for neuropsych.  I found that I liked it and that's
the direction I went.  More of a generalist tho rather than
focus on something exeptionally focussed.

There are some schools that offer a degree in neuro.  not
sure what they are.  Suffolk Univ in Boston has a relatively
new PhD program.  Edith Kaplan is on staff as well as some
of the area neuropsychologists.  Many of the people in the
neuro track train at beth israel deaconness medical
center--where behavioral neurology started with norm

not much info but if I can be of more help, e-mail me.

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