Royal Mail's Nobel guru in telepathy row

Liar42 liar42 at
Sat Oct 13 21:24:42 EST 2001

All in all one might care little how much science understands about magic, or
how much some try to make them ever so relevant for magic.

Where I come from science and magic generally agree that science should stay
out of magic,
and if not wishing to have Big Brother's (Orwell "1984") monitoring straight in
one's brain it would take someone who really hates inner freedom to have the
idea that it would be good if physics of all branches understood more about

There are reasons to that magic wishes science to stay out of magic, science
are irresponsible, stupid (as that text just showed, too),
and might invent something and make that public not caring what all might come
out of that and are among main causes for means of a lot of natural
destruction, substances that can cause cancer and weapons in wars.

It does not take science to come up with some theories about telepathy,
all in all concerning magic systems in a head it can be easily assumed that
alike with empathy or other magic contact forms between two humans via short of
longer distances principles are alike.

Simplified if looking for a pack of idiots one might ask science (with a few
persons being excpetions there) about magic aspects, but all in all one might
be content to leave a lot of magic stuff to magic branches / people a lot into
and know about some stuff oneself if one is far enough interested in magic,
even if oneself is not as such a practicer of that or assumes one would be even
good in it if one were to try it for more seriously,
and apart from that there might be so many interests that one can have in
magic, for me example LSD grey magic and magic tunings to do with some other
brain areas that I do not regard as that relevant in telepathy, 
that one might find that fixation just on telepathy rather odd.

If interested for real in it, go and study it,
but maybe heed that in magic where I come from it seems rather agreed that
science should stay out of magic, and for other reasons sense censored science
tends to believe the same.

That makes two major branches, a thousands of years old branch and a way
younger one that by many these days is regarded as relevant, that are both
agreeing there, at least generalized 
where I come from.

One might arrive more at the question why someone would like to take a branch
as irresponsible as science and there of all branches consider physics to get
enough access capacities into own I to meddle around into telepathic exchanges
... Not having enough brain control and not enough lack of freedom yet where
you live, or what?

In USie culture there are so many brain slaves, same as in Europe, where not
even their brain hardware is regarded to belong to them anymore and they are
chemically attacked, partially having gotten irreversible brain damages from
that, receptor molecule numbers are systematically messed up by either forcing
their numbers down by via a forced drug causing too much of a transmitter, 
or the other way forcing their numbers up by blockers causing a lack,
... not to forget those who got in the confiscating of the body organs and them
being drug attacked also irreversible organ damages.

Now while societies might try to hush it up what is done there to the brain
slaves whose brain hardware is regarded as being the possession of others, one
might wonder just how nuts someone one have to be to wish physics of all
branches should one day lead in understanding the old magical art of telepathy.

It is obvious what whoever wrote about that stuff does not understand much
about telepathy in the first place, but maybe at least in other aspects use
more intelligence.


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