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Sat Oct 13 22:03:26 EST 2001

>> It has been proven that various electromagnetic waves that were
artificially generated can cause cancer in mammals and mutations in algea.<<

>Not proven.<

Maybe not in your illusions.

Actually that with the algea was not the same experiment row as with the
mammals, and about mammals I read that several times, even if I did not bother
to recall exactly with stuff from so many years ago where that was.

Those were science experiments, I did not make them up.

> EMF fields can cause mutations in non-mallals. Most studies
show that they do not cause cancer-type mutations in malmmal cells in
vitro, let alone in living mammals.<

Then let me guess, them scientists who claimed they do just made it up.

As far as I recall chances to get cancer increased more than triple
in the abuse mammals who were tortured with artificially generated electro
magnetic vibes forced into them till they got to them results.

And I did not say that they must cause it in all, just that they can cause it.

You can talk a long time against that, that was a reference to scientific

Maybe update (or olddate in that case) you more within science.

(And if I already say that, who is generally not a big fan of science, but that
does not mean I ignore all there.)

>> About every decade I lieved there were a lot more artificial energies
>broadcast  into people and about every decade one might hear that various
cancer sorts increased.

>But this does not consist evidence that one caused the other. The
>increase in cancer can depend on other things, like: people get older
>these days,

So, women get in average breast cancer a decade earlier because they might get
older later ... sure.

I get cancer warnings at times alone from a computer monitor or T.V. ... and
alone there with breat cancer I would not exclude that having so many hours a
day as some watch T.V. or are in front of a computer can make differences.

But maybe to DAGian logic these are just erratic alerts that systems make up
for no reason at all, and there sure is the superbig explanation that is
nothing to do with artificial vibes why breast cancer in two generations
started each generation one earlier.

(Though I do not exclude that some women messing up their hormone levels with
the pill might make differences, too.)

> and people are exposed to so many other risk factors.

On that I agree.
>I just found a study concluding that there is no evidence that EMF
>fields increase breast cancer.

So, they stuck 2-7 h hours a day for 15 years in vibes like of a T.V. or
computer monitor and the persons who did not have these vibes because they did
not have a T.V. or computer monitor were no different, or what?

Why is it that I have trouble believing you.

My systems do make warnings there.

I am just ignoring them because they are not so high, actually those from body
organs are higher.

(But I ignore that, too, though at times I heed it a bit more, depends also on
other aspects, and partially combined aspects.)

But can't be I am cancer sensitive and that in my mothers family various there
got cancer and partially not far from the age that I have now.

(Apart from that I do not exclude I had cancer a few times, too, but I did not
wish to know the Westie opinion in that or them messing around there, I just
wanted it to change back and stop bothering other systems.)

>> On LSD (and not just there) I get cancer danger warnings (and partially not
just sort of low level) from various artificial energies broadcasters.<<

>Listening to these broadcasters should be made compulsory from school level.
Otherwise man cannot understand his environment.<

Good joke, mess up the environment with that shit and attack internal akasha
harmonies, and then declare young persons as possessions and try to force that
into them.

One may hope that future generations once will have places on Earth again,
where they can go into natural nature with no artificially generated vibe
whatsoever broadcast into them, 
and experience the deep peace that that can be compared to the hyper that can
make for those who are cancer sensitive and react to such,
and learn about natural nature and natural environments again,
and not some b.s. about messed up environments via messing up stuff as the
broadcasting method forced on young human slaves, who are regarded the
possession of others to command to do unhealthy stuff.

>> I believe more that age hightens the chances to get cancer, but that it is
not the highest risk.<<

>That is rather my impression also.<

At least one aspect we agree on.


>-- Chauvie Smurf

The LSD smurf.

(Who actually can go around on LSD and rattle down systems dangers registered
from artificial stuff,
and who partially as an MBD smurf when phasing with outer data finds positions
where the sequencer seems to have gone to special protection stages against
stuff like for example a monitor, and left the usual stages by considerably


Let me guess, there is of course no context between that where I lived in
Berlin I got high cancer alert and had times where about every third guest
complained about that artificial vibes where I live are uncomfortable,
and that my neighbour, who had lived there longer than me, got cancer by the
end of his twenties and died in the start of his thirties.

... Actually in LSD brain akasha surfing I tend to get high disturbances
already from fridges, and of course also electric light, though that is lower
than many other powers.
On the Shannon I could feel them powerlines artificial energies over the river
already from dozens of meters away (which might have had to do with the
humidity a lot, as usually I am not aware to register such already from such
distances). (Also I do not exclude that these were rather powerful compared to
some other electricity lines.)

In my systems artificial energies are record holder number one for cancer
danger warnings, and partially very high ones,
followed by a high dislike for plastic taste in my food, aspartame
and strong metal taste from food that was long in an open can or also partially
of Berlin tap water (though there differing).
There seem also periodical changes in breast cancer dangers.
A record holder for artificially generated energies is one device that made my
right kidney still hurt minutes later, and that happened in that metal
detection "frame" that they had in an airport in New York.

It was exceptional to make my kidney hurt for minutes, as usually I find that
stuff just among the most uncomfortable of all artificial enery thingies, but
not get physical pain from it.

I am not sure if they had altered the energy levels or if there was just enough
LSD having gone into the kidneys as sort of filter organs that there was a
higher reaction there than usual.

Anyway, with a lot of stuff I just get extreme discomforts, but not outright
physical pain, so that was exceptional, though I always hated them metal
checking thingies that they have there at airports.

And you can tell me any tale you want, with cancer seeming a good chance to
get, looking at my mother's family, I am in no particular hurry to ignore
internal systems warnings if they are sort of flaring cancer danger alerts.

Maybe if my neighbour had been listening to his systems, in case they also told
him about cancer dangers as mine did in the neighbouring flat, he'd not have
died of cancer.

But maybe for you it is chance that a number of people complained in my flat
about artificial energies being uncomfortable and that I had cancer danger
warnings there, though I got more used to it,
and that my neighbour got cancer in the end of his twenties and was dead in the
start of his thirties.

We can have different belief there, I belief his systems did not manage the
defense anymore, and he had been living there longer than me and also did not
seem to be away at times as long as me from Berlin.

BTW, I guess you sure have the big explanation why in many cities in Europe
cancer occurs more often, and that is in your explanation nothing to do with
way more artificial vibes than one tends to encounter in rural areas and way
less natural vibes.


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