Liar42 liar42 at aol.com
Sat Oct 13 22:55:16 EST 2001

>There's nothing wrong with thinking about questions that cannot be addressed
in an 'empirical' way. Probably essential, as Wittgenstein notes, "It seems to
us that when all the scientific questions have been answered the truly
important questions about life remain untouched." In these days at least, most
of the time(in spite of listening to Joy Division too often), I run with the
advice of the physicist Feynman when he said that it is important to address
questions that can be answered, to avoid addressing questions that can never be
finally answered.<

I am not a fan of science, and with my questions do not tend so far to be
concerned with empirical stuff or if a question can be finally answered, I
might just wonder about something on trip or at another time, and maybe get
some answers and maybe not.

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