Liar42 liar42 at aol.com
Sat Oct 13 23:07:35 EST 2001

>Also, perhaps to get us thinking about the connection between
wavelets and brain function.<

I have not followed far enough to figure out if some of the magic systems are
meant, but if so the connection between hardware and them alone might not be
the easiest to understand, and also, generalized, differing brain areas have do
to with differing aspects.

Concerning magic systems I mentioned in the past somewhere that settings there
are to do with sectors (non) cooperation, partially with sectors functions
settings, and of course magic systems are used in magic, but I guess that is so
obvious, that to mention it seems like stupefying it.

>one needs to spend a fair amount of effort deciding which family of speciifc
wavelets is the best one to use on that particular data set<

I don't understand much about wavelets, but with magic systems the easiest in
LSD akasha surfing for aiming for some energies of a brain sector in another
brain seems the equivalent sector in one's own head.

But I guess that is rather obvious, and maybe you were referring to something
rather differningly, I did not read the text yet for which in the other text
there was a hyperlink given.

(My brain still "smokes" from another text to do with a bunch of neuro stuff
that I was reading earlier on. If not used to their terminology much and also
not be familiar with various aspects it can be quite a strain to read them
Even to read Netherlandish without a dictionary might be partially easier for
me, even if there I also do not understand all.)



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