Is there a nerve connecting any two of these?

Dr. Johnathon Procter vanboxter at
Mon Oct 15 17:16:47 EST 2001

	Believe it or not, I have heard of this before. It is most
likely related to a nerve bundle found on the top portion of your left
testicle. This bundle has a part in taste determination, smell, as
well as high pitched auditory frequencies; a lot of the information is
processed here. The cluster of nerve cells here is called the Node of
Mehoff, discovered in 1947 by  Parisian psychologist, Dr. Jacques
Mehoff. Perhaps you ENT has heard of this... Or if not, he probably
has the resources to find out. Please let me know if this advice is of
any use to you.

Best of Luck, 

Dr. Johnathon Procter (Dr. Jon)

vanboxter at

On 10 Oct 2001 01:30:11 -0700, mregevas at (Dan) wrote:

>olfactory bulb,salt taste bud sensors, ear sensors.
>I have these symptoms parosmia when smelling strong smells, a salty
>taste on the left side of my tongue, and ringing in the ears, I was
>wondering if there were nerves that could cause at least two of these.
>I've been to an ENT who couldn't find anything.  These are my only
>Could any of these be related by a nerve that runs through the whole
>Any suggestions of what could it be?
>Mr Egevas

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