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Tue Oct 16 23:18:36 EST 2001

If DNA were so relevant, then why did just some of the systems in my brain of
those I perceived about register as relevant for memory storage and not all of

Therefore with cell DNA so generalized I am inclined not to agree.

>How long-lasting memories can be stored with such distinctly impermanent media
has confounded theorists for years.<

I have been assuming that when my magic systems run a request a sort of match
is being made and then matching stuff to that, however how that is working on a
hardware level I have no idea.

Even if one were starting to wonder about soma or other aspects, it would still
arrive at that there are many different systems, but that my main used memory
systems are just few.

But all in all I do not regard such as that relevant.

More something where neuro perverts might mess in others to satisfy their


What are neuroins?

>Their outstretched branches move from day to day... you could keep rebuilding
the same structures, but how would you know what to rebuild and where?<

As mentioned, I did not understand a word, so also not that reference,
but anyway, as long as the hardware is not too differing and the settings are
still close enough for various stuff why should it be a problem to regenerate
old patterns well enough so that own I's magic systems can get at data there?
the magic systems well 

Concerning me and rebuilding, I do not have detail data on such internally,
and about the only connection stuff that I recall rebuilding was when I did
handhealing so someone can feel in the middle of the back of his hand again and
some parts of his wrist, so there I did not manage a coin-sized area around the
original scar, 
but there I intentionally rebuilt differingly, and also there I do not have
detail data in the way a neuro is staring at little hardware stuff.

I mean, I knew with sort of bigger areas what I was transconnecting to where,
so that he can feel there again (though even the best areas he estimated as
just about 40% compared to the other hand ... I guess that better than him not
being able to feel there, but far from perfect). But the concept was straight
to alter the transconnections, because I figured where the main injury
interrupted and there was that big scar, that if there was a main
transconnection damaged there, it would make more sense to reprogram the stuff
to translink with the sides that were still feeling. (Took me a bunch of

Anyway, concerning targetted sort of rebuilding (transconnections, but I did
not really regard it much in a hardware way, more in a sensory way) that's the
only one I recall at the moment where I actually had an area and decided where
to transconnect that area to, and then was working a bunch of sessions on
reprogramming around so that that friend of mine can feel there again.

(Actually the whole based on a misunderstanding, because he had mentioned
feeling feeling to me and wanted that I touch that area, which then I had him
make dots around so that I understand better what he means, and then once I
started to understand better what he means there and he said that he cannot
feel there at all since that injury years ago, I had assumed that he had wanted
me to try to whitemagically do something about it, not that while magic is my
main interest, more interested learning more about rather differing aspects in
grey magic, but anyway, later he told me that he had actually just wanted to
show me about feeling feeling. Had already been wondering why anyone would
select me, a non-MBD decent white magic healer I guess might have several times
the parallel processing capacities of me, and might have been able to fix a lot
there way more rapidly. But it was interesting for me.)

This summons up to that I tend to not know tiny details about what I rebuild,
though with some stuff where I wanted alterations I knew the sectors where I
wanted alterations, and also if there were higher rates of alterations taking
place than usually, and my brain in LSD magic I also knew what tunings tended
to cause rather high alteration rate registrations compared to many others
where the alteration rates did not register as that high.
(I actually used that for over a year on and off becaues I wished alterations
to take place in two main areas in the back of my head because I wanted to be
able to do sort of a mirror game, however
it still took me over a year to learn it and also there was no tiny details
knowledge in that, more sector aimed for and selected transtuning mode aspects.
And then I usually just wanted that one of them areas there accepts the other
brains stuff as primary guidance to as high as possible internal alterations
for some minutes ... after which I might have been rather exhausted. I found
such at times very exhausting.)

Why is detail stuff so relevant?

I mean, in case of doubt I might assume in some magic tunings that if there
were hardware in the way it'd not be that comfy if I were to sort of
transhammer magic stuff some direction and it is in the way, so eventually it
might see to that the ways are more adapted to that.

At least that'd be my guess.

Might be more relevant what one wants and that it is on and off done for over 4
months so that higher alterations then in the 5th might enable rather differing

Maybe different persons have different timings.

I mean, some short stuff of 20 minutes to 2 h can already make quite some

With the 4 and 5 months I meant more sort of bigger level in my brain.

>... what's needed is some sort of archived blueprint for each acquired
>experience... "


Why should it not be sufficient if the systems there can regenerate magic
systems patterns far enough that I can get the data?

If there is enough flexibility in magic systems patterns generations, why would
one need the big hardware "blueprint" for each "acquired experience"?

>"We believe that permanent memories are stored in altered
>genes," says Pena.

I do not believe so at all, whoever "we"s that Pena person is referring to

I believe that certain sectors have a high capacity to regenerate magic systems
settings so that they match older settings there again, and that there is some
special whatever(s) that enables them to do such.

More like a pattern generation setting recording.

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