Help with possible neurological problems

Liar42 liar42 at
Sun Oct 21 03:52:02 EST 2001

Sorry, can't help you there, about the only tingling I got sometimes was in
fingers, and also sometimes then dizziness (with no sides preference that I
ever noticed), but that was to do with sugar. 

I am answering in context with anxieties: They tend to be orders, not
disorders, and orderly have to do with differing systems, and to me it seems
more your own I's attitudes to such that are causing you problems.

Like the idea to rather attack brain systems and organs with psycho drugs
chemically than take a better resonsibility for your attitudes.

Fears are often to do with old natural fears and can be analyzed due to these.

There are fears in darkness, fears to do with alone entering a place with an
unknown group of humans & herd rank stuff,
anxieties to do with there not being enough herd input and too much loneliness,
and so on.

But they are orders, not disorders. They are old natural programs that do
belong there, and own attitudes to such and other aspects are relevant.

All in all one can't do much more than die 
or have some people who do not like one much, but one might not like various
much, either.
If one is in a life-threating situation more own attitudes to what is going on
can be rather relevant, so it comes back to own attitudes there,
and concerning other people, if one likes oneself and one's way, so what if
other people do not like such, one is not telling them what to wear and how to
live all aspects of their life, either, different people, different tastes,
and if one does not like one's own ways then it might be time to work on own
(and maybe also to learn more from other persons inner experiences).

Apart from that, as long as you do not know what it is, maybe take many walks
alone or with a friend in natural nature, as more natural harmonies can help a
bit to balance innner balances.

In case Western science can not help you, maybe look around if there is anyone
good enough in magic to try a magic analyzing for brain systems, which might be
rather rough, but if someone tuned with hundreds of brains (s)he might be able
to tell within 20 minutes to 2 h about differences noticed compared to other

This might not help the problem as such, maybe even cause in damaged sectors a
headache, but also that can be an indication if it is just on one side and
there a powerful headache.

If you look internally, is there any particular time it started, what was there
before, did you ever have that before,
and what do you believe it is to do with?

Was there anything happening at birth and since then it is there, or did it
come later?

(I do not know how "shortly" after birth you mean.)

Do you ever have it when you are in natural nature or just if you are in
artificial surroundings? Is there a difference how often it is in which?

... Sorry, can't really help you there; last time I had a brain problem in the
right frontal cortex, but that was something different, I just went a lot into
nature and tried to will it to get better, and it did.

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