Help and guide with possible neurological problems

Liar42 liar42 at
Sun Oct 21 03:56:17 EST 2001

If you believe it might be MS maybe ask various people with MS if they had the
starting signs alike or totally differing.

Even if you have it, make the best of the life you still have half-way O.K.
then, to worry around does not sound like a good way to improve that.

(And if I ever heard I was getting MS, I'd probably be off into magic big time,
trying to alter towards more magic translinks between systems in my head &
body, even if that won't fix hardware problems, but because I might figure the
hardware soon might not look to good and till then I better got magic
transconnections between systems powered up and trained, but that's just my
opinion towards such.
I might then also see to get some stuff done in life that I want to get done,
so that later I do not regret to much that I cannot do it anymore.)

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