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>where he described Gerald Edelman as making the rest of us
look rather dim(and if I look at Edelman's record I have to agree). <

I have not read yet how much he know where and how much not.

Apart from that different people tend to know different stuff and be "dim" on
other stuff.

>What of split brain patients?<

Not all transconnections might have been segregated there.

>What of those who have undergone hemispheroctomy(spelling!) - removal of large
portion of one cortex to control intractable epilepsy?<


I find it wrong, particularily with cingulate epilepsy, if neuro so
inconsiderately of if other methods might be effective sets off to mess around
in the brain by cutting stuff out there.

>(...) intelligence if you believe in the gross neuroanatomical substrate idea
for human intelligence<

I believe my own attitudes and frontal capacities are relevant for various
aspects there.

Not the "gross" "neuro"anatoimical substrate.

But if getting more extensive on brain systems and capacities and concerning
processing aspects, it would get complex.

What I wrote was just a simplification.

> You can find it at the socog archives in the UK. Not well accepted,
but he does collect some very interesting cases of gross brain injury and

Any website for that?

>There are some born without a callosum, <

I wonder why that is.

Older genetic program or something messed up in the genetics or development?

>(...) I still have trouble discerning left from right, so I must be rather

Links ist da, wo der Daumen rechts ist.

~ Left is on the side, where the thumb is on the right side.


>Overcast in Berlin?

No idea, I am in Texas currently and here it is not.

But this time of the year 
in other years the sky was often grey, tends to be so from somewhere within
September till into November a lot.

Might be some changes, though, in differing years and differing days.

Anyway, though they do not call it rain time, Berlin's rain times tend to be in
autumn and spring.

>I dislike singular explanations for complex things like attention.
There are many types of attention,<


> it is not simply a matter of area of excitation 

but degree of excitation <

Once I am awake I regard my own attention
to do with my interests often, 
and not just some excitation thingie.

As my "commands" can influence other systems,
I named that here first.

And save me now to go off into other systems where I do not know that much.

>or type of excitation oh it could be many things and
there are others here who can address those spike firing and memory storage and
signal processing questions much better than me.<

Ain't change what I wrote above.

I am not some single spike.

Nor do I regard myself so far as a memory long term storage system(s cluster).

> In terms of attention, one of the best authors I have read is Patricia
Goldman-Rakic, and I believe she is extending the analysis to the level of now
being able to measure the activity of many types of synapse for a single cell.<

If that means crimes against other mammal persons I regard that as not the best
but among the worst stuff on Earth.

Apart from that I do not regard my main systems as hardware.

And apart from that my own decisions are a lot to do with a bunch of stuff, as

More relevant for some concentration and attention span aspects I regard if the
front is in cooperation with me O.K. enough, meaning on various drugs it might
not be,
and for what I call the sequencer I also find upper frontal cortex aspects
there interesting, as I assume there might have similar functions for the
sequencer ("auto-pilot") as front for me, concerning the enabling of longer
concentration capacities, more parallel processing capacities and other

> From my current reading and the advice of my mentor,<

Who is your mentor?

> it is my understanding that attentional mechanisms are mediated through at
least the 

pfc - bg


(Maybe prefrontal cortex and ... ???)

> network,<

And what does "mediated" mean here?

One of the most relevant attention systems is my own I, meaning some limbic
stuff, not front.

But front is important for me, too.

The sequencer seems to be able to have way longer concentration than me.

When in driving I might already be rather off with external data for a long
time, it might still be able to go on some hours.

But once it seems to get tired, it is high time for me to get off the road and
find a parking place for sleeping.

> to conceive of attention as simply some mass geometric function is to fail to
understand that attention is not a single thing,<


>Castner, S.A., G.V. Williams, & P.S. Goldman-Rakic. 2000. Reversal of
antipsychotic-induced working memory deficits by short-term dopamine D1
receptor stimulation.  Science 287: 2020-2022.<

Psychobranches ideas of messing internally and ignoring receptor molecule
balances being regarded as "stimulation"?

Antipsychotic sounds more like they did not understand major aspects about a
human brain in the first place.

>I do not think we will understand this matter of attention unless our
understanding incorporates the consideration of the dopaminergic network.<

Regarding aspects simplistically  even without dopaminergic understandings  I
might understand a bunch about various attention aspects; being of LSD as a
branch and also experimenting with other drugs  as MBD I tend to go more over
towards handicapped, and whoever is my LSD partner (or whatever drug) might
occasionally suffer a bit from my inabilities to concentrate long.

Meaning something like in the very high stages on LSD I might not be able to
follow more than 1-4 sentences, even if I really try.

Also I had it in LSD akasha surfing that after the other talked about something
I went off into daydreaming and forgot that I had still central shareware
tuning commands for both brains, so that basically the other brain's back
shareware (that's stuff in the back of the head) was still accepting tuning
settings from mine like central commands for tuning settings, but the other was
wise enough to inerrupt the magic transconnections.

Also on high LSD I might forget in the middle of talking about something what
it was that I was talking about.

What I found interesting there, one time someone reminded me, and just when it
came to the same internal data accessing (long ago, do not recall exactly, but
seemed to do with shunting focus for some of a certain system's data) I again
lost track of what I had been talking about,
and that time the other did not recall anymore, either.

I speculated there that maybe for that particular access the front is not so
connected anymore, and that that might have to do with it, but I was not sure
on that.

Anyway, I guess as MBD into sense enhancing drugs concernnig attention(s) I had
a lot of experiences, and do not need dopamine knowledge to rattle off for a
while about various aspects there.

Actually already when I get more tired and outer data more straining there can
be movement stuff setting, and if I have the head turned sideways to the other
person then, and maybe the movements are centrally going on in the direct angle
of the other, that can mean that verbal stuff from there and so on are getting
too straining.

A lot of people ignore such, but I had a friend who also tended to heed that
often very much, which I really have been appreciating. 

> My understanding is that the principal anatomical unit of
the cerebral cortex is the pyramidal column,<

Is that the one to do with crossings from one side or / and something else?

I believe that brain base or what you probably call brain stem 
& the spine are very relevant.

But I do not wish to miss any brain sector in my head, so for me it is of
principal importance that they are all there.


> which can vary in size <

In different humans or in an adult human in his life?

>etc but essentially retains its integrity as a structure. If there exists
these hexagonal structures, shouldn't this be reflected in the structural
changes in pyramidal columns post learning?<

What are the pyramidal columns learning?

What are they to do with?

What is post learning?

>Raining in Berlin?<

No idea. I sit on the other side of the Atlantic.

But this time of the year there is a good chance that it is raining there on
and off and that the sky often is rather grey.

> Good news. Rained for two days. Drought broken here.
Wallabies will get fat again.<


I had already thought in case autumn / spring are also having more chances for
rain over there, that it might be a time where there are chances that it will
rain, but I did not know what times of the year it is most likely to rain
so I did not really know about your springs there.

I have a question:

Do you see the Milky Way in the sky as one, 
or are there two ("irregular" looking) parts to the right and left of the

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