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Sun Oct 21 07:01:59 EST 2001

>I know now that Short Term Memory imprints on the Cortex,<

What, short term memory systems undiscerned,
and my own into all of the cortex undiscerned"?"

Are you sure you know now?


>And please remember I'm getting details daily, and that my understanding is
increasing by the pages.<

But it can be so amusing to make fun of stuff.

Refraining from it?  8-(


(Maybe you learn too much from the pages and too little in your own head. Maybe
you do not heed well enough on the pages what are facts and what are
assumptions written like facts.)

>Then I can recommend "The Celebral Code" and "Conversations with Neils Brain<

Is Neils an internal limbic perceiver?

If so, for which systems (clusters) did he get internal access?

>"(which was the first book of the CNS I have ever read if we exclude Purves et
al's book "Life: The Science of Biology".<

What systems are all counted in with the CNS?

>I think that STM imprints on both hemispheres simultainously,<

I think you do not discern that there is not just one short term memory system,
and that you also generalize brain systems too much,

and that you do not discern that there are special settings that some go for in
their brain where there might be extrem central focus to some stuff in one

> the left parahippocampal cortex, entorhinal cortex and perirhinal cortex<

And how would own I aim there directly?

Particularily the latter two?

> (which is part of the STM)<

Of which of the STMs?

Are you trying to say that you regard them as relevant for own I?

If so why that?

I am not centered there in my brain.

I had more assumed that the latter two are to do with transconnections to other
systems, and with some transconnection problems in the past had wondered of
some shunts concerning some hippcampal stuff, dentate and entorhinal ahd
somehow not been working O.K.
... But that was more wondering around why I could not get transconnectinos
with external data straight and had to wait so long.

Hm, just a bunch of seconds, I guess, but internally that sometimes seemed
rather long.

And I was just wondering why that is, not being sure that its to do with them
and them not making some transconnection shunts, and that that might be why I
might not getting external data like I wanted.

But I was just guessing around there.

> imprints on the cortex<

What parts of the cortex?

(Better don't try motor cortex too far in case you mean own I with STM
singularizing. ;-)

> on the occipital lobe (visually) <

Is that the same as the occipital cortex?

If so, what makes you generalize all systems there,
and what makes you believe that there are memory systems there?

Apart from that about the only time I recall that I was directly trying to go
for back occpital were turn-ins into another's optical systems waaaay ago in
the past, out of practice for such years,
and normally if I start to sort of transhammer "data" with back occipital stuff
and tends to be magic tuning stuff between my brain and that of another brain
in LSD akasha surfing (or on some other sense enhancing drug tested in

And not memory data like that I wrote this stuff here or that I ate some Kiwi
earlier on.

Maybe in your systems generalizings you are not discerning that own I is not a
central shareware system, meaning simplified not a central external data
processor, but semi-shareware, means it can link with data that is external to
its systems, but does not have to be always linked, and with that why should
there be always occipital whatevers.

I'd find the sequencer more likely with some stuff back there to cause some
effects than me a lot of times.

I am not a central user of occipital directly.

Basically I'd have to be off into LSD brain magic or on some other sense
enhancing drug, and then with someone who does not mind I co-use parts of his
brain for tuning experiments, before I might start to sort of centrally start
hammering data back and forth between back occipital stuff, because that back
then in Berlin when I was into such stuff tended the sector I co-used most I
guess, because it is also relevant for other tunings where it is not in central
focus, and even there the tunings are from the back of my occipital cortex to
there, not from my own limbic magic systems over to there.

In LSD brain magic I so far tended to give tuning commands for tunings between
equivalent brain systems and not between unequivalent brain systems, and I
doubt to do such would be the best of ideas possible concerning brain internal

Therefore I also do not see why my own stuff (and so far do not regard myself
as a long term memory systems, but of course I have short term memory) would be
ever so relevant for back occipital a lot of times (in case there is where you
meant, but it goes for a lot of other brain systems as well),
unless I am in LSD akasha surfing at some magic perception experiments and play
around there between my head and another, in which of course there might be
major alterations, not that tend to get minor details there, but sort of a
rough impression, and the halo of the other afterwards does not tend to look
the same, either, if it is someone new to magic. Might alter it for a life
Anyway, itsibitsyteenyweeny aspects like some magic specials on sense enhancing
drugs aside, a lot of times my systems might be rather segregated from some
other systems, and I am not occipital systems, nor many other systems, and
therefore what I do might phase them little to not at all in the times where I
am not connected with external data, and therefore I do not agree to your
statement there.

Actually I do not even need drugs for that, MBD is sufficient for quite some
segregation times with external data at time.


>and partially on the parietal lobe <

Is that parietal lobe?

See above.

(But drop the part about direct turn-ins.)

How about looking up in the Pschyrembel or whereever areas of the neocortex
that the thalamus is to do with,

and notice that own limbic stuff does not always have to be translinked that
much with external data, and maybe not with there, either.

You generalize around too much.

Now, since having mentioned the thalamus,
I save me to speculate concerning the sequencer to what extent it is a short
memory system as well.

I just meant if you meant own I and back there in the head, 
better ain't generalize around too much.

>if it doesn't include items that demands special attention
(like the picture of a tool, a picture of an animal doesn't give the same

If I were to get me targetted visual data about the two one might assume that
parietal gets active, too.

>Then it would include parts of the frontal lobe.<

If I get me data externally I assume the front would be processing along, too.

But I am not sure why that is so relevant here.

Front I regard more relevant for long term stuff and parallel processing and
that I have longer concentration and detail memory access and other stuff, like
it figuring something out for me.

>Got it from "Memory - from Minds to Molecules" by Kandel.<

Why would one generalize the memory systems with the mind systems?

For me the mind systems are those 
rather relevant for personality.

In other words especially emotion generators.

>It is a nice read,<

Is it.

> and yes - it includes the Aplysia when it handles the
(and classical conditioning + sensitization).
Forgive me my bad English :-)  <

Where are you from?

Anyway, my first language being German I had not particular problems with that
sentence, and could not even say for sure if sensitization exists like that.

I just discovered by chance with another English word I wanted to use in
another post that I had the meaning completely wrong in my head; good I
discovered that in time.

It would have warped the sense horribly if I had not noticed that.

I get restless like a sack of fleas here because dawn is coming.

Wanna get off the computer for now.

Not sure if I will be back today later.


>PS.To Liar - you're nick seems a little provocative, is that intentional ?<

Actually I am a space alien of the 7th sex with eleven stalk eyes on my head,
and just tune in from one of my transformator stations into a human statellite.
Trying to see how far I can pretend to be human and everyone of them believing
it. For that it might need some lying, so that they are rather convinced that I
am indeed lying.
But the advantage of many humans is that if they read the truth they believe it
is a lie, because it does not fit their believes. But lies they might believe
to be the truth.

In that the homo chimp kind can have its interesting aspects.


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