The Celebral Code - is it still reliable ?

Liar42 liar42 at
Tue Oct 23 01:49:04 EST 2001

>The competitive network mechanism requires,<

Which one where exactly in a human head's brain systems?

I am not aware of competitive networks in the meaning of one against the other
in my brain.

> as far as I know, a convergence or gating neuronal architecture to allow for
a winner.<

In my head it is rather simple, a few exceptions aside my own I will be the
winner if that is what I want.

I still regard myself as the second "highest" command in my head.

And even if you folks prefer to ignore it, it is exactly one of the functions
of own I to make decisions if there are several options and to be a priority

> This works well for small to medium artificial network structures, but in
functionally specialized cortex<

Meaning what area(s) exactly in that undifferentiation?

>where functions can involve the use (functional interconnection) of much of
the brain,<

What cortex area(s) are supposed to use what exactly where in the brain?

I can't even discern which / who of the main command systems you mean, or
whatever it is you mean there.

> it seems more 



(V= vocabulary meaning?)

>Another issue seems to be with the cortical architecture being used.<

I might simply assume that a bunch of stuff will adapt.

Apart from that I tend to not be aware of architecture aspecs on smaller
levels, more like differing brain systems.
With that I might regard it that under normal circumstances I so far did not
use architectural aspects intentially direction,
though at times I might be highly aware that what I am doing is causing
alterations, but not details there.
(More like alteration rates, like comparitively higher or lower. And even for
that I might have to be at LSD brain akasha surfing with someone to get such
indications, sober I do not recall such like that at the moment.)

>domains of overlapping influence with neighboring cortical modules,

I am impressed by the deep understanding of magic systems (non) cooperation
settings and by the so deeply here expressed undertstanding of magic systems
and molecular vibes correlations.


(Not that I understand there that much. More joking around.)

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